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Cool Cars

So I'm gassing up at the Snow Mountain Smokeshop when these cars go zipping past. I hunt them down and this is what I found.


The Communists are in Ferguson Mo. Why am I not Surprised.


Liberal Media Clueless as GOP Sweeps Senate

I have to admit that on election night I was switching from Fox News to CNN for comedy relief.


Awesome Halloween Costumes

There are awesome parents who go the extra mile to make sure their kids are Loved.


It's old and torn up and somebody probably cooked fish on it but a chunk of aluminum may hold the key to where Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra has been all these years. It may be in 600 feet of water off the tiny island of Nikumaroro.


Creepy Stuff for Halloween

We've collected some stuff that will give you the willies.

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