windows-privacy-protection SCAM

This is no joke!!! The little fuckers at are sending out a vicious little malware disguised as a spyware pop detector that looks like a microsoft windows product.

“Click here to update Windows Security”. Yeah right. I fell for it.

It hijacks your browser. Kills your task manager and reroutes it to a site that offers to sell you software that….you guessed it. Removes malware and spyware.

The good news is you can still use your computer and have access to the internet. The really bad news is that NOBODY at this time has a way of removing this piece of shit. Restoring your computer doesn’t do jack shit.

At this time, the best we can do is warn everyone you know. Knock off the cutesy emails and pass this warning on to everyone you know.

This is serious.

This is true.

This is no joke.

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