Windows Live Sucks

I didn’t like it in beta and I hate “Windows Live” now that they have “Switched me for free”. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve sat here to two hours and have sent out four emails. Every one of them had this message:

Windows Live Hotmail couldn’t send your message because the server was busy. Please try again later.


Do you notice what time I’m posting this? It’s not peak time!

The email addresses are jacked up. Got forbid you forward something with gifs attached. You have to remove them one by one. The email I was forwarding had 12 of them. I gave up.

They have the chutzpah to ask me to “upgrade” to the “full” version. Full of what? Shit?

Anyone have similar experiences?

I going to check out gmail.

8 thoughts on “Windows Live Sucks

  1. Same thing here.. Very frustrating.. I have avoided changing services, but this might push me over the edge.

  2. Yes, Live SUCKS the bone. I can’t even access my hotmail anymore. And forget downloading/installing Messenger (lifes too short). Live is just another way for “them” to blow adverts up your ass and keep tabs.

  3. I just discovered the “wonder” of Windows Live Mail ’cause my college moved their webmail to them. What a fiasco! I hated it from the very beginning, ie the login page. I’m ready to sue my college for forcing me to use that POS, not to mention having to use IE, which i NEVER use! Gmail in comparison rocks, been using it since 2005 and I love Google Apps wchich I can use with my own domain.

  4. I have to agree, windows live, and especially the skydrive, is such a POS it’s amazing microsoft could even have the nerve to make it public. It’s just terrible. A modern concept designed with the functionality of 1998. You can’t download multiple files, and you have to click on and open each file (which takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes before the page responds) before you can download it. Junk.

    It’s no surprise that as a long time windows user, I have switched to a mac running OSX. Microsoft, you lost me FOREVER. FOREVER. FOREVER. I won’t even use hotmail anymore. You suck.

  5. yep, I just took WindowsLive up teh tailpipe from my university mail system too. It literally makes me sick. 🙁

  6. Windows Live totally sucks! I’ve been using Outlook Express for so many years I can’t even remember how long I’ve been sing it … really loved being able to set up the “message rules”. That was the deciding factor for using it. After getting it all set up … junk mail was a thing of the past, and the organization part was off the hook impressive. Now after screwin’ around with this new piece of crap … … it looks like I’ve got to find a completely alternate setup. I’ve heard good things about … Appreciate anyone having info on something similar to the message rules used in Outlook express letting me know. Emails welcome … Subject line, Windows Live SUCKS. What a piece of crap, being forced to go to something so half-assed. Let’s make some noise … who knows, maybe if it’s loud enough they might get a clue. Piece of crap!

  7. I was getting the message: "Windows Live Hotmail couldn't send your message because the server was busy. Please try again later."
    Now it's bad enough that this messgae is coming up but now I find out the message is wrong, all my messages got through and some of my friends received the same message a dozen times!
    Thank you Microsoft for making me look like a spammer to my friends and business acquaintances.

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