Why Obama Lost the First Debate

Sometimes reality is funnier than any fiction. Every political campaign puts a spin on their candidate’s performance. Here are some Doozies.


ABC- That Wasn’t the Real Romney

ABC news quoted the President.

“It couldn’t have been Mitt Romney because the real Mitt Romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts to favor the wealthy”.- Obama.

NBC – Obama Wasn’t as Bad as in 2000

NBC largely just ignored the debate.  However NBC-Chicago detailed Obama’s Congressional debate of 2000.

“President Obama was stiff and tentative in Wednesday night’s debate with Mitt Romney. But it wasn’t the worst debate performance he’s ever delivered. That was in 2000, when he was running for Congress against Bobby Rush.”

CBS – It was Jim Lehrer’s Fault

“The president’s biggest trouble seemed to be that he got caught up in exactly what he wanted to avoid – engaging Romney time and again on the challenger’s accusations instead of turning each answer into a clear, coherent argument about how he would help people over the next four years.

It did not help that moderator Jim Lehrer lost control of the debate to the point that six segments got reduced to five, a sign of how long both men took to answer questions.” CBS NEWS.

FOX NEWS- Obama Didn’t Win and Romney Didn’t Lose

In the ultimate in “Fair and Balanced”, Fox news couldn’t figure it out.  Juan Williams.


MSNBC- Because he’s Black.

What would you expect from MSDNC..um I meant to say MSLSD….no wait!


Al Gore- Altitude Sickness

“Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet, and you only have a few hours to adjust. I don’t know… Maybe.”


YouTube- Obama and Big Bird Won the Debate, The Rope-a-Dope Theory



From CBS’s “This Morning” via Breitbart.com:

Norah O’Donnell: “Some Democrats say [Obama’s] campaign needs a wake-up call.  Bill Plante is here with that part of the story.  Bill, you’ve been talking to your sources; what are they saying?

Correspondent Bill Plante: “Well Norah, they’re simply upset and really outraged.  They blame the President’s team, first of all, for not preparing him to meet the challenge of an aggressive Mitt Romney.  They say that nobody in the room challenged him, including the guy that he was debating with, John Kerry, because, as they say, he wants to be Secretary of State so he’s not going to get in the President’s face. And Presidents are used to deference; they’re not used to people challenging them like that.  So they think that the debate prep was terrible, but they also fault the President himself for not understanding that Romney was going to be more aggressive.”


10.3 million tweets regarding the Presidential debate were sent out on Twitter Wednesday night and 26% percent of those tweets criticized President Obama’s performance in the contest. 14% of Twitter comments regarding the debate came from users who were telling jokes about the speakers.


Obama is waiting for the right moment to pull out Bin Laden’s skull from behind the podium. Wait for it. Wait for it.. #debate #DenverDebate

Obama better hope a Kicked Ass is covered under Obamacare.


Dennis Miller Show@DennisDMZ

Obama is taking on water in all front four compartments. He’s listing…Bruce Ismay is dressing up as a woman.

Conan OBrien@ConanOBrien

Just noticed that Jim Lehrer has no whites in his eyes.

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck@glennbeck

Romney has stopped boxing and has now moved to MMA #Debate2012


#ObamaDebateExcuses Quick, someone get a teleprompter! MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!

Obama didn’t get the spanking he expected for his anniversary. #ObamaDebateExcuses

[ed note: Sorry. I couldn’t resist that.]


#ObamaDebateExcuses I found out Jim Lehrer was NOT an undercover Secret Service Agent assigned to protect the Pres. and panicked.


#ObamaDebateExcuses – Rocky Mountain High quickly turned into BaRocky Mountain Buh Bye!

Stephen Hunter@sahv

#ObamaDebateExcuses FoxNews and Racism! (no, really. someone actually said that) ~~> http://www.mediaite.com/tv/michael-eric-dyson-obama-played-it-safe-in-debate-because-fox-news-called-him-angry-black-man-night-before/

J R R@jriosce

#ObamaDebateExcuses I did my prep in Vegas, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! #tcot #p2 #wiright #wiunion

Conservative Quotes@ConservativeQuo

#ObamaDebateExcuses I really thought this would be more like The View. Where was Joy Behar?


@RayBourbeau @michellemalkin @TwitchyTeam @MMflint Loud boom was BHO new poll numbers! #obamadebateexcuses

Dr. Helldigger@drhelldigger

#ObamaDebateExcuses I don’t really want to be president for another 4 years anyway.

[ed note: that was actually mentioned in the book The Obamas
by Jodi Kantor.]

Dondi Fusco@Dondi_

#ObamaDebateExcuses “Dammit Jim, I’m a community organizer!”

Millennial Review@MillennialRev

#ObamaDebateExcuses He was practicing with John Kerry. John Kerry. Let me repeat that: John Kerry.


Limbaugh: “#Obama came off even worse in his #debate with #Romney than he did in his debate with Clint Eastwood.” #tcot #tlot #p2 #dnc #gop


Luke Burbank

Apparently, Jim Lehrer’s “Your Time Is Up” is roughly as menacing as the “Are You Really 18?” check box on a porno website.


Andy Haynes

When Romney gets a haircut, he asks for the “business-wolverine”.







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