Where’s Your Bed?

I was the unofficial NCOIC of Pranks and Practical Jokes.  As a Tsgt, folks came to me and cleared their antics with me.  They were really asking how much trouble they would get into.  I vetoed many and was ignored a lot.


7. M-80’s will not be lit and then flushed.

34. Spiking anyone’s drink with ex-lax is just not funny.

43. Do not replace pictures on the Crew Chief board with sexually suggestive photos.


I did approve  of one great prank.

Incirlik AB, Turkey- Tom Ira and I were partners playing pinochle.  We were playing for money, a penny a point. We were cheating.  While chatting: sex meant hearts; work meant spades; money meant diamonds; drinking meant clubs.  We were winning a lot.  Someone burst into the room and yelled, “Mike McKinney just super glued dimes to every door lock on the second floor.  What should we do to him?”  Without out looking up I said “Give him an Easter Egg Hunt.  This usually meant taking his shit and spreading it around the dorm and having him hunt it down.  These boys went a step further.  Earlier, back at Hahn, the weekend duty crew expressed their displeasure by moving the ENTIRE Flight Chief office downstairs and installed in it the latrine.


They took Mike’s bunk and at first, tried to put it the showers and turn the water on.  It didn’t fit. They then reassembled the bunk on top of the toilet stalls.  Including making the bed and piling his dirty clothes on it like they found it in his room.


Good buddies that they were, they got Mike God’s Own Drunk.  They then FILMED HIM finding all his stuff and his bed gone.  Then they filmed him wandering the dorm looking for his stuff.  He did go into the Latrine and walked write past his bunk. He didn’t look up.

This is a photoshop recreation.

I think he passed out on the floor of his room, cuddling what he found. I can’t vouch for that or what happened to the bunk.

I do know that on our next trip to Incirlik a certain pilot keep writing up the airplanes with bullshit. Like “Bombs missed target”. This cause long hours of meaningless troubleshooting.

He got an Easter Egg hunt with his stuff and bunk were placed on the roof of their motel style quarters.

Then it rained.

If you have pictures or the video of this prank send it to me.  Pictures of FCF’s stuff in  the shitter would be great too.  I know you took pictures.

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