Where’s My Jet?

Ever wonder where your jet wound up?  Put in storage at AMARC or maybe flown as a drone and then blew away by some F-22 jock.  The lucky ones get put in museums or on a stick or maybe they’re a Gate Guard.

Scroll down the page and find your jet.  If it’s blank, claim your jet.  I know you took pictures so pull them out and upload them here so I can add them to the list. Who crewed it? Who was the pilot? What was the Rank then?

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Aircraft Data Base


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2 thoughts on “Where’s My Jet?

  1. I am a maintenance supervisor for the QF-16 program at AMARG and an ex-313th CC. There are a buttload of old Hahn F-16s here and they will all be turned into drones. A better way for a warrior to die with purpose than wasting away in the desert! Hahn was the best!

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