Where Were You?


Having got the kids off to school, I was starting to watch a movie when my nephew told me to put the news on. The second airplane hit just as I turned on the news. I called Lissa’s work I told them I’d be there in 30 minutes. I scarfed up the kids from school and moved out. Her boss asked her what Family Plan Alpha was. She said that if I didn’t see her on the loading dock I would come in and find her. He remembered the day we miscarried so she was on the loading dock when I got there. In short order we had food, water, camping gear, transportation, guns and ammo and waited to see in which direction we should Bug Out. Thank God we didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Where Were You?

  1. I remember getting ready for work and the wife had the news on. We were getting the kids off to school and told them we would talk about the developing news at dinner. The wife was talking about someone hitting the first tower and I said that such an impact would not be an accident. We were still watching when the second plane hit. This time I saw the size of the craft and the impact. I pointed at the TV and said, “That was an attack.” Fifteen minutes later my phone rang and I was heading in to work early for a very long day.

  2. We were getting ready to leave Sarasota to go to Europe for 2 weeks, and we just happened to have the tv on. All hell broke loose and at the time GW was in town of course and we were 2 blocks north of the end of runway when Air Force One took off over our heads. We could almost touch her belly….Needless to say our trip was abruptly cancelled. My flag was flying proudly today from our car, but sad to say we didn’t see to many others flying. Damn liberals! GOD Bless all who died and their families in this senseless cowardly act.

  3. Twenty three years ago, Bud & I were married in Germany. We celebrated our union with a party that lasted well past when the cows come home.

    Since the 11th was on a weekday, we celebrated our anniversary the previous Saturday. Bud gave me a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring. I was admiring how the sun caught my ring. I was on my way to starting my college and the sky was a beautiful blue, I had dropped off my daughter to school, and the sun made my ring really sparkle. I turned on the radio, and heard our DJ announce the dreadful news. I couldn’t believe my ears. I will never forget how beautiful that day was, for a long time I was afraid of beautiful days.

  4. I was @ work @ MCD, PCB, FL Our area supervisor came to watch it on our TV. (we had one I n the dinning room for customers) he stayed for 3 hrs

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