What the Hell is the Republican Party Doing?


This was my third try at a Nevadan Republican Caucus. While it was fun, it was still brimming with disappointment. But let me start from the beginning.
In 2008 I proudly marched down to my polling place. Literally marched for it was just down the street. I was confronted with a sign that said m caucus address was Da Dee Da Dee Dee. A mere 50 miles away. Great. I was also walking because the Luckymobile was running on fumes Thoughts oozed through my mind.
“So much for voting.”
“What the Hell is a Caucus?”
“When was this decided?”
“Who decided this? I didn’t vote for it.”
In 2012, I was ready and waiting. 50 miles into town and didn’t realize I forgot my Driver’s License until I got to the parking lot. When I checked in, I was ushered to the “Problem Table”. There were about four or five of us who forgot their I.D. of something. We waited or a “Problem Solver” for about two hours and in that time watched about a dozen people bypass the whole checking in thing and went straight to a “Caucus Room” to um…..caucus. Whatever that is.
2016. Fresh from a Trump Rally the night before, I was raring to go to a Caucus. I almost forgot we were carpooling. I wasn’t driving, yay me. Armed with an ID, a wife and a vague idea on how a caucus is supposed to run I was giving the Republicans another go.
What’s a Precinct number? Right. Got it. You have to know your precinct. It’s on your voter registration card or you can ask like I did. We were informed that we could vote and leave but I was there for the fight. After lauding and debating and arguing the merits and faults of all the candidates for an hour and a half we broke up and went home. We discussed the candidates AFTER we voted so that was a waste of time. We never elected a delegate to the County Caucus which was the whole point of the Caucus. I do not fault our precinct leader because he was drafted into the position by virtue of arriving first. We needed trained leaders at least if not voters.
So I enjoyed my first Caucus. I feel that at least our group is united to support our national candidate, whoever they may be. I might have gotten my mug on CNN. I never had to present the ID I brought and the only question anyone asked me was “Have you voted?”
Which I’m pretty sure I could’ve done at each precinct table.
But I didn’t because I’m one of the Good Guys.

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