What the Hell is SOPA??

Many websites are going dark today to protest the passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act (SOPA). It was introduced in the House last October. As usually lately, Congress is moving forward on the legislature without really knowing what this Bill really does.

Under the banner of protecting movie and music piracy (guess who are major Obama contributors), the bill over reaches into what can or will be (or even how) information is presented on the internet. It’s the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. The approved method of the Obama administration to advance the Left’s radical agenda. Anybody remember Obamacare? Oh yeah. Sorry. It hasn’t gone away yet.

We’re getting more change pounded down our throat. The Change Obama talks about is like saying Rape is just a woman’s opportunity to expand her social network.

Oops. I said Social. Sorry. Continue to load your guns. Sorry I interrupted.

Readers will note that once again the Looney Leftist (Alex) and the Right Wing Radical (me) have AGREED!


Click to see video about SOPA.

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11 thoughts on “What the Hell is SOPA??

  1. Censorship is a religious-right-conservative thing. You can’t spin everything the goverment tries to do as the other side’s fault. That’s what is wrong with our current system. It’s time for americans to take a long hard look at the way we are governed. Despite my the fact that I don’t always agree with my father-in-law about politics, I do agree that we should send a message to washington by voting out all incumbent officials. And we should keep doing it until politicians get the message. They work for us.

  2. If censorship is a religious-right-conservative thing. are you in favor of abolishing the right to privacy as well?

    I do agree that Congress needs to be recycled. No incumbent will get my vote. The two party system is a train wreck. The Democrats have long ago become Marxists and the Republicans are far behind. America NEEDS representation that reflects the will of the People and not a rubber stamping Politburo for our Marxist president.

    SOPA is another chip off of our inalienable Rights and a small step to the Government deciding everything for us.

  3. I just read the entire SOPA bill (just the House version). I still don’t understand how this bill could possibly set us up for internet censorship.
    “(1) FIRST AMENDMENT.—Nothing in this Act
    4 shall be construed to impose a prior restraint on free
    5 speech or the press protected under the 1st amend-
    6 ment to the Constitution.”
    Lines 3-6 in the bill clearly protecting our right to free speech. It goes on to define a bunch of internet terms “legally”. Then spells out how to go after sites for Copyright Infringement or the sale and trafficing of dangerous/illegal goods.
    So which one of my inalienable rights is chipped off

  4. I understand the desire to do something to inject some form of control over legal rights and the internet, but this is poorly worded and being talked about by people that have no understanding of the medium or subject matter. I am all for copyright enforcement, but it is always a tricky thing and unless you can get other countries in on the enforcement, chasing down the right people becomes impossible other than nailing some kid for posting something on his facebook page. Pirate movies and music downloads are an entirely different matter and CAN be shared under the right conditions and if credit is given and it meets financial conditions of the person that actually owns the rights. My brother-in-law is in the music business and owns the rights to such property and it is an interesting thing. As a writer, I have my own interests as well. The fact that our government is doing nothing of any use to fix what is broken is the fault of both sides. The Democrats are not trying hard enough to come up with real ideas that would be a move in any direction, and the Republicans are only interested in letting the rich hang onto their money while making Obama look as bad as possible until they can get rid of him. The left is looking lame while right is pure road block. Before Obama, the left couldn’t find a real candidate with both hands, now it is the right with this problem. I would love to have a real knock-down between the two sides, but right now we barely have the equivalent of kids fighting over who is in charge of the sandbox. I’m not drinking the Obama koolaid, but I don’t see anything better warming up in the wings either. Rights are something we fight and die to protect, so we take this seriously. I don’t like the Patriot Act either and want it to go away, but I seem to be alone there. I hope this bil dies, but to see something more well written and understandable follow it that might help tame the chaos of the internet.

    Yes Walt, when you make a post and send out a link, I do read these. Keep up the good work, bro!

  5. Let me be clear.Under SOPA, facebook and Google will be shut down and lose income without due process of law. Along with thousands of blogs. If you’re reading the House bill, you’re reading half the story. The Progressives in the Senate are gunning for your civil rights. Vote them out.

  6. It’s a shame that politicians think that the public is foolish enough to believe they would accept that this bill was about piracy. It’s not. The piracy won’t stop. It’s like thinking that if the world gun ban went though that all the guns will go away. Those who are going to do illegal activity will still continue to do it.

  7. If you thought SOPA was bad, just wait Until you meet ACTA.
    ACTA had move forward in Europe despite protests.

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