What is this Car?????

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I live way out in the dark Nevada desert. We have this Mystery Car stop here for gas for about a year so far. It’s got escort cars, maybe two, sometimes four. Tonight it had two. One was a Jeep Cherokee and the other an SUV but I didn’t get the make. All three drivers were female. As one came out of the Shell (potty break) I point to the Mystery Car and asked “Which one is that?”

The lady just waved her arms and got it the Jeep.

I pulled my trusty cell phone and snapped this picture.

Mystery Car????

When the driver saw I was taking a picture she “peeled out” and “hauled ass” out of the service station.

Mystery Car Hauling Ass

The two escorts chased after it. The Jeep had Michigan plates that said “MANUFACTURER”  on the plate. I googled it and got this:

A manufacturer license plate is issued to persons, firms, corporations, or associations that manufacture new motor vehicles, trailers, trailer coaches, or semi-trailers as a regular business.


I got this example off the Internet.


Here’s my post about the red one…


Name This Car




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