Waitey Katey Waits No More

Great wedding. Stunning dress. Prince William. Prince Harry. Yada, yada ,yada.  Read my tweets. Now lets get to the hats and fascinators….

I think it would have been a hoot to stage a Dodge Ball match after the wedding. Fascinators versus Hats.

Let’s start with Princess Beatrice. Some say that she sported a Cthulhu hat. I disagree. To me it looks more like the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Join the debate. Is it a hat or fascinator? I’m down for “hat”. Incredibly ugly, stupid hat.

All Hail The Flying Spaghetti Monster in all His Noodly Goodness!

Prince William’s uncle, Earl Charles Spencer, was accompanied by his new fiancée Karen Gordon. Karen sports a really good hat. Simple, powerful and perfect for a Sloan Ranger

Karen Gordon in her Sloan Ranger hat.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall checks in with a Banging Big Hat. If hubs Charlie is in  his sailor suit, Camilla is wearing a sail.


True Loyalists, the Beckhams attended the wedding dressed perfectly. Posh’s hat exuding Style and Grace and antennae.


This is how it's done.

Did Beckham wear his medal on the wrong side as a tribute to his Father? Read on here.

Carole Middleton is the hands down winner in the “MILFs Attending the Royal Wedding” category.

She's a hottie.

In the end, Hats crushed Fascinators today. As well they should. Maybe Fascinators can make a come back at the receptions and parties to follow.

We leave you with the Best Hat at the Wedding.

Because she's the Bloody Queen of England you Sod.

I still wish I could have Bangers and Beer with Elizabeth.


4 thoughts on “Waitey Katey Waits No More

  1. If tilted, ladies’ hat must tilt to the left to expose the right cheek to smooching. If there’s no tilt, there’s no invitation to smooch. Move it down the line sailor.

  2. Karen’s hat is my favorite. Classy. Plus, if you want to be all shady and questionable, you can pull it off because the brim is covering your eyes. My kind of hat.

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