Voices from Vietnam

During Desert Storm we got a lot of  “Any Serviceman Mail”. Letters from strangers back home who wrote to us.  The single group biggest writing was from Veterans of Vietnam. To a man they said, “Get it done, We’ve got your back.”  They kept their word. Our homecomings were much different from theirs. No one spit on our uniform. No one called us “Baby Killers.”  While surfing the net I came across “Zippos from Vietnam”. The lighters the men and women carried.  Engraved on the lighters are messages from their hearts and souls.


God Bless them all. If you know a Vietnam Vet…HUG THEM!!


3 thoughts on “Voices from Vietnam

  1. I still have my Zippo from my trip to nevernever land…I call it that because I never, NEVER want to go back…

  2. You Never talk cuz you Never remember, cuz you were Never there. Got my Zippo ripped off. Would love to have it back.

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