Virginia Tech

Had to post that last picture as a last ditch effort to find humor today. Tragedy struck today at Virginia Technical University. Students and faculty gunned down in their classroom by some as of now, unnamed madman.

The media is in a feeding frenzy and is already pointed fingers and searching for blame as sharks follow a blood trail. The Police. The University Administrators? Has George Bush been named yet?

The most asisine statement came from the White House Press Room.

“President Bush supports the private ownership of guns as protected by the Second Amendment, except when crimes are committed. As appears in this instance.”

This instance? APPEARS? Let’s just look stupid.

What is not being reported ad naseum is that the students had, until recently, been able to carry weapons (read “guns”) on campus provided that they had a concealed weapons permit.

As the outcry to ban guns will no doubt build to a shriek, had the victims (maybe just one) been able to return fire this could have been less of a tragedy. This was a case that it was no time to dial 911. There are times like these when we have to defend ourselves. This is not a criticism of how the police reacted. It is said that battle plans are worthless on contact with the enemy. Or in this case the first shot. Hindsight is 20/20 and the police were dealing with a bizarre scenario.

This story will be complex as it unfolds. As you read this say a silent prayer for the victims and their families.

Being called a “Nappy Haired Ho” ain’t so bad today is it?

A very wise friend of mine says, “What if you had real problems?”

I suppose that since the casualty rate in Virginia is too high, Pelosi will be calling for a phased withdrawal from Virginia. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? When will America figured out the body count that has been offered up on the altar of political correctness?

There are times when fighting back is necessary. If you disagree with me, you’ve probably have never been in a fist fight.

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