Trafficked No More

Our daughters and even our sons are being bought and sold and you probably don’t even know it’s happening.

Shannon was invited over to her friend’s house for some video gaming.  They are in seventh grade together and had met six months ago.  They hit it off right away.  She and Rick shared a lot of common interests.  The Love of cats and video games.  The hatred of math and Mrs. Scoles the English teacher.  Rick had met her parents and they wholly approved of the polite young man.  When she said she was going over to Rick’s house, her Mom said “Have a nice time.”

Shannon liked going to Rick’s house.  It was very big and very nice.  When she got there the grown ups were having get together in the living room.  Whatever, she liked to play video games on the big flat screen in the family room.  After a quick hello to the grown ups, they were off to the family room.

While Shannon was trying to beat Rick at Grand Theft Auto V, she was being auctioned off in the living room.

Shannon would never come home.  She had been selected, manipulated, groomed and finally coerced into a commodity of the sex trafficking trade.  Her parents would never know what happened.  She would be listed as another run away and be lost to a system that has overwhelmed Law Enforcement.

You have read a fictional story with a very real basis in fact.  I made up the names but the scenario is very much real.  Played out in neighbors right here in the Good Old USA.

It’s not a victimless crime of prostitution.  It’s slavery.  Right there in YOUR neighborhood.  Cut off from family and help, children are moved to distant cities and may be literally the girl next door.

Please watch this video.

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Does your daughter:

  • Have a new circle of friends that don’t share your values?
  • Has her language changed for the worse?
  • Does she have money and you don’t know where it came from?
  • Is she wearing clothes you didn’t buy?
  • Is her jewelery suddenly better than yours.
  • Have words crept into her conversations. Like “On the Team, Hubby or Wifey”.
  • Does she now dress “sexy” rather than cute or pretty.


Nevada is taking steps to end the exploitation of our children.  The video you watched is designed to increase community awareness of this crime.  Don’t have kids?  You might want to reach out to parents of kids that seem on the Wild Side.

If you have a daughter and are suspicious you can get help in Nevada by calling l 1-888-373-7888.



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