TOTUS Fails POTUS in Berlin

The Teleprompter in Chief failed our President during his speech at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.  Facing a HUGE crowd of 6000 Germans, Barry soldiered on ….sort of.

Left with a written copy of his  speech and displaying  a fourth grade reading level, Obama is visibly sweating as he mangles a speech in Berlin Germany.   Stuttering and filled with pregnant pauses as he tries to not get lost .  Obama closes his speech by repeating President’s Kennedy’s  faux pas by declaring that he is a tasty pastry.


What Kennedy (and now Obama) should’ve said was “Ich bin von Berlin!”   Translated as “I live in Berlin”.  The phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner” translates into “I’m a tasty pastry”.  When you watch J.F.K’s famous speech, pay close attention to the German crowd.  At first you hear a wave of laughter that quickly turns into cheers as the Berliners figure out what he meant to say.

It may be noted that when President Reagan gave his famous speech in Berlin he avoided references to pastry.


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