Tilikum Responds to Critics

tilikum250Tilikum has granted an exclusive interview to The Lucky Puppy in response to BLACKFISH, a documentary which has been critical of his life and career.



Lucky Puppy:  “Welcome and thank you for sitting down with us.”

Tilikum: “It’s great to be here.”

Lucky Puppy: “So for the folks who don’t know, you are a performer at Sea World.”

 Tilikum: “I prefer the term, ‘Entertainer’.”

Lucky Puppy: “Entertainer” then. How long have you been an “Entertainer” at Sea World?

Tilikum: ” I’ve been with Sea World since 1992.”

Lucky Puppy: “Have you always been at Sea World?”

Tilikum: “No, I broke into the business at Sealand of Victoria, Canada in 1983 then caught the Gig at Sea World of Orlando , Florida  in 1993.”

Lucky Puppy: “So you’re Canadian?”

  Tilikum: “Yes.  I grew up in Canada but I was born in Iceland.”

Lucky Puppy: “So why did you go to Sea World.”

Tilikum: “Better working conditions and a better Health Plan.  I had just divorced my first wife,  Haida and was looking for a fresh start.  Why did I choose Sea World?  Yeah, they had a better benefits. ”

Lucky Puppy:  “Were there children in the marriage?’

  Tilikum: “Oh yes, we had a boy, Kyuquot.   He’s all grown up now and working at Sea World in Texas. He lives with his mother.”

Lucky Puppy: “So he followed you into the family business?”

Tilikum: “Of course.”

Lucky Puppy: “But you have had a history of domestic violence.  Was this not the cause of your first divorce.?”

Tilikum: “Haida had problems.  She wasn’t right in the head, you know.  But I never laid a fin on her.”

Lucky Puppy: “When you moved to Florida didn’t your girl friend Nootka move with  you?  Was she the real reason for the divorce?’

Tilikum:  “By the time Nootka became part of my life, Haida was out of the picture.”

Lucky Puppy: “You say you left Sealand for personal reasons but there have been stories that you had problems with your co-workers.”

Tilikum: “Nonsense. I got along great with everyone.”

Lucky Puppy: “But you killed Keltie Byrne in 1991.”

Tilikum: “I did NOT kill anyone.  Keltie was my friend.  We were having dinner when she slipped and fell into the water.  She hit head on the side of the pool and started to drown.  I dialed 911 and performed CPR on her until help arrived.  But by then she was gone.   There wasn’t anything more I could’ve done.”

Lucky Puppy: “Were you and Miss Byrne romantically involved.?”

Tilikum: “No, we were just friends.”

Lucky Puppy: “How would you describe your time at Sea World?”

Tilikum: “I’ve always been happy.  The truth is in the Park and the People.  Management and staff are the best in the business.  I Love my fans and they Love me.”

Lucky Puppy: “But the documentary “Blackfish” documents your many problems at Sea World.”

  Tilikum: “That film is full of falsehoods and nonsense.”

Lucky Puppy: “But it shows video of you attacking and killing your co-workers.”

  Tilikum: ” I’ve been advised by my lawyer not to answer or comment on that subject.”

Lucky Puppy: “You can use this as an opportunity to let people know your side of the story.”

  Tilikum: “No. This ain’t happening.”


Tilikum: [BURP] “That was some good fish.”

Lucky Puppy: ” Glad you enjoyed them.  Let me ask you a question.”

  Tilikum: “Seriously. That was some good fish.  What was it? Salmon?”

Lucky Puppy: “I dunno.  My assistant went out and came back with it. Wait a minute.  She says it’s cod.”

  Tilikum: “Cod’s good. But not as good as salmon.”

Lucky Puppy: “I’d like to continue the interview.”

  Tilikum: “Sometimes I get tired of fish.  You know what I could go for right now? Mammal. Mmmmm…a nice juicy mammal.”

Lucky Puppy: “Ummm…I’ve got just a couple more general questions…”

  Tilikum:“I’m sorry dude.  I’ve been pretty stressed out lately and my doctor has me on medication.”

Lucky Puppy: “Medication? What medication.”

  Tilikum:“I took a couple of Quaaludes a minute ago.”

Lucky Puppy: “Quaaludes?”

  Tilikum:“Yeah. Want one?”

Lucky Puppy:“No.”

  Tilikum: “It’s some good shit.”

Lucky Puppy: “What are your plans for the future?”

  Tilikum: “ZZZZZZZZZZZ”

Lucky Puppy: “Tilikum? Tilly?”



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