Things to Ponder as 2013 Comes to a Close

As 2013 comes to a close it’s time to reflect and ponder.  We humbly offer the following.

George Washington spoke with a British accent.

If vegetarians want to save the animals, why are they eating their food?

Micheal Jackson, Princess Diana and Elvis are all still dead.

John Hinkley did not know that Jodie Foster is a lesbian.

Factoring the Earth’s speed through space, while reading this you are going right around 67,108 mph.

If you breed a Boston Terrier with a Pugg, you get a Bugg.

When dead people fly on American Airlines they are listed on the manifest as “Jim Wilson”.

“Kurt Russell” was the last thing ever uttered by Walt Disney.

Porn legend Ron Jeremy appears in “Ghostbusters”.

Spock’s first name is Edward.

President Kennedy donated his presidential salary to charity.

This picture was not photoshopped.
This one was.


The Detroit Lions have played football for 83 years and have never won the Super Bowl.

Harrison Ford and Pee Wee Herman have never appeared together in the same movie.

Chuck Conners, “The Rifleman” taught at West Point.

Hitler’s home phone number was 12-00-5-0.

20,864 people died of hunger today.
.–.-. is Morse Code for the @ symbol. It joins the Period, Comma, Question Mark and Slash. The Colon has yet to make the cut.

200 million pairs of Crocs have been sold. No one knows why.
200 million pairs of Crocs have been sold. No one knows why.

Two National Football teams have marching bands. The Redskins and the Ravens.

You don’t know who Paul Geidel  or Drayton Curry are.

The average age of the children adopted was 7 years.
The average  age of children waiting to be adopted is 8 years.

A person with red hair has a better chance of being beaten to death than a homosexual.

If someone is shown lighting a cigarette and smoking it onscreen, the movie is automatically rated R.


There is a two tenths of a percent chance that today is Halloween.

3 thoughts on “Things to Ponder as 2013 Comes to a Close

  1. If a red-haired person has more chance of being beaten to death than a homosexual, where do red-haired homosexuals fit into this equation?..

    And if a movie is automatically rated “R” if somebody is see smoking a cigarette, what must you be smoking if the movie is rated “XXX”..??

  2. Walt,
    Love the site! Lots of useful trivia and tidbits of information as well lots of jokes

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