Young and Old

There’s a website called “Young Me/Now Me” by a gentleman (I think) by the name of ZeFrank (I think). It’s all quite mysterious if you think about it. Wouldn’t be great if his first name was Frank?

Where was I? Oh yeah…

So if you’ve dutifully click that link I’ve cheerfully provided you know that it’s a bunch of pictures. Pictures that have been re-staged. One being when the subjects were young and then again when they’re older. I thought that was a cool idea. I thought of all my baby pictures and wondered which one I could re-stage.  Since my Mom was a shutterbug, I have tons to pick from.  Then I came across two that were perfect. Perfect that they were not staged.

Dad and Me and Brian


That’s me on the left, about One and a little bit. That’s Number One Son, Brian on the right. Also One and a little bit.

Dad and I were in Virginia in 1959. Brian and I were at a little rest stop in New Mexico in 1981.  The very same stop my family used in 1967 when we moved from Colorado to California. The big memory of mine was going in to pee and finding a Gila Monster in there waiting for me. Being nine and a boy, I picked it up and went to show Mom and Dad what I found. Needless to say, Mom freaked out so bad she forgot to memorialize this most excellent photo op.  Damn.

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