The New Puppy Coin

A place we can discuss this project off of Facebook.

First Design [draft]
Design 002

Areas in Black will be Antique Brass.

If you have graphics, join the team and upload them on the GoFundMe page above.

The initial run will 25 coins.  Coins, not people, so toss in $20 per coin if you want one.  The first run is at cost to get things going.  Paul has made a generous donation and can be getting five coins if he chooses.  If more than $500 is raised your donation will be applied to the second run at $20 per coin.  The minimum production run is 25 coins so if you’re not in on the first run you’ll be waiting for a while.

Now have at it and tell me what you think. We unlimited changes to the design until they cut the die.


5 thoughts on “The New Puppy Coin

  1. Good Morning Walt,

    We do not have any minimum quantity when it comes to ordering coins. You may order as low as a single coin, but as the quantity decreases the price per coin increases.

    Thank you for your trust in our Team! Have a Great day!

  2. There’s a poll at the 313th FB . That poll up there is weighted. 25 votes will finalize the design. Paul Whynot has 5 votes because he donated $100, I have one vote because I did $35. If 19 people vote for design 003 AND donated the $20 to our GFM, we will pull the trigger. Remember, it’s 25 coins not 25 people. For every $20 you get a vote and a coin. Once the 25 coins are paid for, that’s it. You missed the boat and will have to wait for the next run. Ken Rankin chipped in so we’re down to 19 coins.

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