The New England Patriots

It has to come that point in the season that our Beloved New England Patriots have chosen to spend more time with their families.  The NFL season can be grueling with players spending a lot of time away from Home and Hearth.  Facing no real competition in their Division or Conference winning games is no real problem.

However, as time passes players find themselves distracted by many things:

  • Missed the snap count because you were composing an email or tweet to your Loved One.
  • Sleepy because you stayed up late helping the kids with their homework.
  • Re-injured yourself while helping around the house.
  • Trying to start a family instead of going to practice.

The list goes on and on.

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New England Patriots

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Super Bowl XLVI




One thought on “The New England Patriots

  1. They didn’t stand a chance, they were out played. My Broncos are going to stomp all over the seachickens

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