The Lucky Puppy Supports President Obama

In a stunning display of Constitutionality, President Obama personally signed into the seven bills which constitute the 2014 federal budget.

“Lefty” signing the bills into law.

This is the first time that a federal budget has been submitted since President Obama took office.  Critics have noted that the bills were flown to Hawaii where the President is spending the holidays at the taxpayers expense.  We at the Lucky Puppy would like to point out that the bills might have been couriered by someone already making the trip.  How they got to Hawaii is unclear.

The Obama administration made a big Hoo Ha about the signing and forgoing the use of the autopen.

This implied that some laws have been enacted by a robot.  The Bush Justice Department had determined that this process was Constitutional but President Bush decided to err on the side of caution and sign his own bills.  Apparently President Obama only personally signs bills that he likes or wants to score public relations points.

Soooo….if some of the laws signed by a robot aren’t quite legal it’s okay.  Because it’s Bush’s fault.

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