The Lucky Puppy has Hit the Big Time

I’ve been at this since 1998, but it seems that I’ve become an overnight sensation.


You may but probably have not seen my new “Snoopy Band” videos. The Lucky Puppy Blog has hit the big time as I am in negotiations with BMI for licensing permissions. If you wish to help defray the cost of publishing The Lucky Puppy, feel free to become my Patron. Any ads you see on the blog are direct ads from me. It is merchandise that I produce and market.


Cafepress and I have come to loggerheads concerning the sale of my ORIGINAL artwork. I am in the process of cutting back my cafepress site. We will be having a fire sale on 90% of the merchandise. I’ll being getting a buck for anything I sell. So, if you have put off getting something, now is the time. If what you want is blocked, tell me about below in the comments and I’ll post a similar item on my fine arts site
Readership and interactions have risen dramatically. What was once a hobby site that I updated every now and then has become a six to eight hour a day home based business. You will notice that I’ve changed “donations” to a “tip jar” on the blog. Because that is what it really is. If you see something you really like, tip me. I now have viable revenue streams from merchandise and Patreon. The tip jar is another stream that you can make a direct impact on.

So, I’m not begging to keep the blog alive anymore.

Handing out money is not your thing? Okay. Support me in other ways.

  • Become a Loyal Reader by commenting on my blog. It gives me feedback, so I know what sucks and what doesn’t.
  • The same thing goes for my YouTube channel.
  • Hate reading? My gallery under the “pictures” has 1000’s of pictures. Once again, leave comments there and give a picture you like some stars.
  • Share my stuff on social media. The biggest spike in readership has come from MeWe, the alternative to Facebook.


My health is such that having a job where I can’t sit or lay down when I need to is not possible. My main source of income is my VA disability and my Teamsters pension. My heroic wife works every day. Now I’m giving her a run for her money. Literally. So, help me match or beat her paycheck.



Walt Chamberlain

CEO and Founder of The Lucky Puppy

Click that video too.

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