The F-14 Tomcat in Combat

“F Arba Ashara! Yalla! Yalla!” In English, that’s “F-14! RUN! RUN!”. A common radio call for Iraqi fighter pilots in the Eighties.

The Tomcat made its combat debut during Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of American citizens from Saigon, in April 1975. F-14As from Fighter Squadron 1 (VF-1) and VF-2, operating from the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), flew combat air patrols over South Vietnam to provide fighter cover for the evacuation route. Tomcats of the U.S. Navy shot down two Libyan Su-22’s on 19 August 1981.

But Iranian F-14’s had been blasting Iraqi MiGs out of the sky since September, 1980.

First squadron of Iranian Pilots of F14 tomcats of Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force at Shiraz Air Base. September, 1979. The first Tomcat pilot to score a kill is unknown but probably in this picture.Left to Right, Back Row: ABBAS HAZIN, ??? ,MOHAMMAD HASHEM ALL-E- AGHA ( KIA 11 AUG 1984), HASSAN AFGHANTOLEE ABOLFASHI HOOSHIAR, ABOLFAZL MEHREGANFAR, ABBAS NEJADI ,HASSAN HARANDI (ejected 19th July 1988).


  • 7 September, 1980-  The First Kill.  Five Iraqi Mil-25 helicopters penetrated Iranian airspace to raid border outposts.  They were escorted by MiG-25’s.  While trading shots with the MiG-25’s (The Tomcats were armed with AIM-9P  Sidewinders), the F-14’s pressed the attack on the helicopters destroying a Mil-25 with cannon fire.  After that, the entire Iraqi formation fled back into Iraq and the Tomcats were ordered not to pursue. The name of the pilot that scored the first F-14 kill in history is still unknown and will probably remain so.
  • 13 September, 1980– The first AIM-54 Phoenix killed was fired by Major Mohamed-Reza Attaie and destroyed an Iraqi MiG-23MS.  This mission was flown with the AIM-54 to prove to the Iranian Clerical Leadership of the effectiveness of the Tomcat while they were considering selling the entire Tomcat fleet.  After this engagement, the sale was cancelled and the F-14 “Shah’s Pilots”  and ground crews were released from prison.
  • 22 September, 1980-  A pair of Tomcats lead by Captain Ali Azimi engaged a MiG-21RF escorted by two MiG-23’s.  Two AIM-54’s were fired.  The first one destroyed the MiG-21 and the other missed due to radar failure in Azimi’s jet.  The MiG-23’s then fled the scene.
  • 29 October, 1980- Operation SULTAN TEN was a deep Iranian strike on Iraqi airbases.  Six F-4 Phantoms were escorted by two F-14’s. The strike was intercepted by four MiG-23’s and a pair of MiG-21’s.  All six were shot down with no Iranian losses.

    Tanker support for Operation SULTAN TEN. October, 1980.
    Tanker support for Operation SULTAN TEN. October, 1980.
  • 1 December, 1980- Tomcats of the 82nd TFS shot down three MiG 21’s in a single engagement.
  •  7 January, 1981- Two F-14’s engaged four Iraqi MiG 23’s at a range of 30 miles with a single AIM-54 Phoenix.  When the lead MiG exploded, debris damaged and downed two more MiGs.  The fourth was seen hauling ass and trailing smoke.  This is the only example of a “Triple Kill” with one missile in any combat of any air force in history.
  • 20 November, 1982– Two Iraqi Generals decided to fly up to the front to find out why two Iraqi divisions had been wiped out.  Flying in Mi-8 helicopters, they were escorted by another two Mi-8’s, a Mil-25 Hind gunship and no less than four MiG-21’s and four MiG-23’s.  Two Tomcats lead by Captain Khosrodad were escorts a flight of F-4 Phantoms who were refueling from a KC-707 .  The Phantoms had been beating the shit out the “missing” Iraqi division for days.  Khosrodad’s AWG-9 lit up with the Iraqi formation approaching.  Leaving his wingman to guard the Phantoms, Khosrodad dove in attack.  Remembering the standing orders for Tomcats not to cross the border, he fired two AIM-54’s from 54 miles inside of Iran.  Nearing the border, he fired two AIM-7 Sparrows for good measure.  The first time the Generals knew they were under attack was when three fighters exploded and fell around them.  An escorting Mi-8 pilot advised the VIP Mi-8 helicopter to leave the area immediately.  The Inspection Tour of Generals Rasheed and Muhsen was over before it began.
  • 1 December, 1982–  Iraqi MiG-25’s developed “Anti-F-14” tactics (later used as “Anti-F-15” tactics against the Americans).  These tactics and flying at 70,000 feet at Mach 3 stymied Iranian efforts to shoot them down. That is until Major Shahram Rostami (Major Mohammad Rafiee, REO) fired an AIM-54 at a Mig-25 at 70,000 feet and Mach 2.3.  Engaging at 61 miles Rostami accelerated to Mach 1.5 and climbed to 45,000 feet.  At a range of 34 miles he fired. It was just inside the radar envelope and as the time to impact counted down to zero the AWG-9 HIT symbol came on.  AWACS confirmed the hit as the Foxbat plummeted into the sea.
  • 26 February, 1984- A single Tomcat attacked an Iraqi strike formation of eight MiG-23’s.  Scoring a kill with his AIM-54 and two more with AIM-9’s, the decimated Iraqis fled.
  • 24 April, 1984-  After four years of combat, Iranian Supreme Commander General Akbar Rafsanjani boasted: “Our Air force is now more potent than in the first days of the war. We have had no F-14 losses.”   Tomcats had achieved air superiority but air supremacy.  Even the Saudi Arabian Air Force warned its pilots not to enter areas where “F-14’s were THOUGHT to be operating”.
  • 14 January, 1986-  A Tomcat of the 8th TFW downs the first Mirage F-1EQ-5.  The Exocet it fired was also shot down to add insult to injury.

    IRAQI Mirage_F1EQ-5.
    IRAQI Mirage_F1EQ-5.
  • 26 July, 1986-  The French supplied Super Etendards with Exocet anti-ship missiles to the Iraqis.  The Iranians promptly shot the first one down with an AIM-54.
  • 7 August, 1986-  The Super Etendards return with one being shot down and the Exocet it had fired by a lone F-14.
Iranian ace Jalil Zandi
Iranian ace Jalil Zandi is credited with shooting down 11 Iraqi aircraft during Iran–Iraq War and is the most successful F-14 pilot.


Colonel Mohamed-Hashem All-e-Agha

 Since the end of the war Iran has come out to say that one F-14 was shot down by an Iraqi MiG-21 (ATOLL Missile) while the Tomcat was experiencing engine problems.

 11 August, 1984- Colonel Mohamed-Hashem All-e-Agha and his RIO Major Abolfalz Zerfati were shot down by an Iranian SAM over Kharg Island. Both were killed. Col. All-e-Agha was one of the original Tomcat instructors.



Information for this article was found in
Iranian F-14 Tomcat Units in Combat (Combat Aircraft)
by Tom Cooper and Chris Davey © 2012

45 thoughts on “The F-14 Tomcat in Combat

  1. By this allegations Tom Cooper make him self such a Jokey.
    1.About 7 September, 1980 escorted by MiG-25′s. while trading shots with the MiG-25′s ! (well the MIG-25 interned the service with Iraqi air force in 1981 form the first squadron to MIG-25RBs, the PD/PDS came later in the end of 1981 and importer specifically to protect the Iraqi nuclear reactor called project 777 but it came too late because Israel destroyed the site), and where was that five Iraqi attack helicopter Mil-25 ? how is that even possible who make air kill has unknown name!!
    2.About 13 September, 1980 the MIG-23MS belong to 93Sq and these aircraft was operated at Al-qadysia air base northwest Baghdad until 1990 with 35 aircraft ML and MS belong to air defence squadron so how did they meet each other !! the Iranian F-14 deployed near Tehran and south Iran to protect oil tanker.
    3.About 29 October, 1980- Operation SULTAN TEN (its good movie like Top Gun ?) but wait a second there is no four MiG-23′s and a pair of MiG-21 can take off such as (Immediate take-off to intercepted group of enemy aircraft) there is no air force can do that! in general one or two air craft in a patrol mission if they detected raider then they will receive permission to intercept them, if they fall after that the task assigned to the Air Defense such AAAs or SAMs, so excuse me what is that story from the WWII or what?!
    About 20 November, 1982 !! what is this? really you make me lough here..
    Totally fake story nothing happened like this at all.
    3.About 1 December 1982, first may i know what the Iraqi MIG-25 were doing over the sea while all Iraqi foxbat was unable to carry Exocet missile or any other anti ship! now do I need to explain to the rest of the story is fake?
    and the AWACS confirmed the hit as the Foxbat plummeted into the sea? where is that confirmed can we see that?
    4.About 26 February, 1984 So in your first false story the five MI-25 attack helicopter was escorted by MiG-25′s, bout now the strike formation of eight MiG-23′s no one escort them and the lonely F-14 faced all of them and shot one down! how about the seven rest no one tried or even prepare to attack? just wondering do you have a psychological problem with the individual figures? did you ask your self before crating this story how is that large formation of eight MiG-23 can flay to gather in one time? did you ask your self where they were the Iranian ground radars from spotting or detecting that large group of MIG’s?
    5. About 24 April, 1984 Just a statement to boost morale due to losses during the war, and Saudi Arabian didn’t warned its pilots not to enter areas where F-14′s were, Or how can you explain the continued defection of Iranian pilots and escape to neighboring countries including Iraqi including F-14 aircraft and pilot.
    6.About 26 July, 1986 supplied Super Etendards with Exocet Iranians promptly shot the first one down with an AIM-54, Lied openly and officially because Iraq borrowed five Super Etendard from France They left France to Iraq in October 1983 and were later sent back in August 1984 when the dedicated version Mirage F-1EQ for anti ship missions was in sufficient number, one of these Super Etendard lost in a training accident due to low altitude flown by Capt Kamal.The 5 aircrafts involved were Serial Nr 65 to 69 (no doubt).
    7.About 7 August, 1986 Super Etendards return with one being shot down and the Exocet it had fired by a lone F-14 (Again another Lied) there is NO Super Etendards in Iraqi air force until the August 1984 the 4th aircraft were sent back to France.
    Now we talking about shooting down the F-14 by MIG-21 SN 681, yes it happened that was undeniable air to air kill wasn’t engine problems.
    And the F-14A suffered severely by Iraqi Mirage F.1 and MIG’s during the war, more than 16 TomCat was shot down by air to air engagement, and the Iraqi Mirage F.1 SN 4014 was the Silent Sniper to Iranian F-14, which achieved 14 kills 8 of them F-14A.

  2. One of the employees of the former Iraqi Air Force.
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment,


  3. “3.About 1 December 1982, first may i know what the Iraqi MIG-25 were doing over the sea while all Iraqi foxbat was unable to carry Exocet missile or any other anti ship! now do I need to explain to the rest of the story is fake?”
    What kind of reasoning is this?
    you say that mig 25’s never gone overseas because they have no proper missle and the hole story is fake?
    iraq used mig 25 for reconning purposes during the war because they were uncatchable at high speed.iraq used them to recon Islands and oil Rigs and oil platform in persian gulf (like khark island) so you cant say it’s impossible for them to go overseas.
    these are confirmmed stories and Iran’s air superiority during the war is undeniable.
    your comment seem to me as sarcasm than an argument.

  4. I apologize if anything I’ve said sounds sarcastic. This post seems to be passed around among the Shaw’s Pilots. I am honored to get replies. I know that Cooper has problems telling the history but he’s the only voice until someone else speaks out. In my humble opinion, the Tomcat is the world’s greatest fighter and the men flew in combat the best.

  5. Since the Iraqi Mirage F-1 equipped with lateral Imaging and thermal survey pod then no needed to send the MIG-25 in recon mission over khark island, what is the point of sending an aircraft operating in central Iraq to imaging target located in the far south and latter images will analyzed in the central of Iraq again, and then send the results to air bases in the south!?!
    How long time it will take? While the Mirage F-1 based in the south as well in the middle of Iraqi air bases.

  6. Mr Walt,
    There is no abuse to the aircraft, but there are fictional stories published on Internet pages and through books by Tom Cooper, and through these comments only i would like to clarify the facts, if he was the only one talk about the F-14 performance or combat mission that doesn’t mean the only fact the he show it up..

  7. I doubt you’re actually Iraqi. MiG-25s were in service with Iraq in 1980 according to multiple sources. In addition to some other glaring errors, most of what you wrote is pure guesswork. At least Cooper has primary sources in the form of actual Iranian pilots, some documents, and photos.

  8. I’m certainly not Iraqi, whom to you refer to? This post has become a forum of the history of the Tomcat in combat and any help dividing fact and fiction is appreciated.

  9. I’m referring to “Iraqi Air Force FF”. If I had to guess, he’s probably Russian or from a country that has a long history of operating Russian built aircraft.

  10. Right. Well, a longer history, namely the former Eastern Bloc countries. I am waiting for him to reply so I can quiz him on some stuff most Iraqis should know but you cant easily find on the Internet. (I spent plenty of time with Iraqi Army and Iraqi Border Police while deployed there.)

  11. Agman, I am Iraqi and i was Mirage F-1 fighter pilot.
    No, the MiG-25s entered service early 1981 and the first type was arrived reccer MIG-25RBs later the PDs, and the Iraqi government led by Saddam believes that the Soviets were also involved by knowledge of Israel intent to attack Iraqi reactor for this reason delayed the delivery of the aircraft especially PDs type, and if you want valuable sources depend on back to the Israel air force plan of 7 Jun 1981 the MIG-25PDs wasn’t on Iraqi military aircraft list to the Israelis.
    Secondly, you have mentioned (other glaring errors) can you proof it as errors to the readers or show official document proof otherwise!
    And you have mentioned that (most of what i wrote is pure guesswork. At least Cooper has primary sources in the form of actual Iranian pilots, some documents, and photos)! well basically my wrote depends on my service at Iraqi air force and directly from the leaders of the former Iraqi air force and participants fighter pilots in the war, for that we just keep hearing about documents, and photos by Tom Cooper but no one see it so far (to my knowledge) where is that documents and photos can wee see it? isn’t prove inversion my words then show it up!

  12. Just forgot to ask you if you’re Tom Cooper using Agman, then feel free to show your self don’t be shy nothing here to worry about any more, every buddy knows that you have written biased to the Iranian side, some to cover Iranian air force failures during the war and some to frighten the United States or West or even Israeli pilots to launch attacks on Iranian reactor.
    By the way there is old friends very excited to meet you here and show more fact about you and where you were getting the information and how reshaping false stories, now you can guess people from
    How sad is that and looks nightmare..

  13. Are you calling shahram Rostami the man who shot down the Foxbat a liar mr Iraqi pilot? He obviously has been in contact with Mr Cooper prior to this documentary. Rostamis military history is 1st class and he is not the type to lie.Even the Iraqis admit to losing at least 4 foxbats.

    Also Walt, calling the tomcat pilots like rostami a Shah’s pilot is not a insult. That is what a bunch of charlatans like Mazandarani who lied about being the 1st person to do a night air refuelling mission which in fact it was Hassan Afgantolouee(another pro shah pilot) or the 1st Phoenix kill which it was Major Attaei taking all these credits for himself.

    Mazandarani was a young second Lt at the time of the revolution and because of being loyal to the brutal mollahs, he was helping babaei kicking pilots out of the air force. He is disliked by many pilots in iran and out. He is a liar.

  14. Mr Cooper does his best to put forward the information he has. Infact the Iranian regime and it’s loyal stooges have been for years trying to down play the role of the iriaf. Mehreganfar who had 5 kills is recorded as only 2 kills by the history section of the IRIAF because he wa a pro shah pilot. Farahavar is credited with no kill. Another pro shah pilot, Zanganeh with no kill. Then you have Adelis 3 kill which they refused to even mention. same for Hazin.

  15. Nope. I’m not Tom Cooper. I guess you might be right when MiG-25s were considered operationally ready in the Iraqi Air Force in 1980. I don’t have anything to reference that states otherwise. But, since I don’t have a reliable and accessible reference that states otherwise, that doesn’t mean deliveries of MiG-25s to Iraq weren’t made prior to 1981. Unless all Iraqi MiG-25 pilots and maintenance/support personnel completed all of their training in the Soviet Union prior to the aicraft being delivered to Iraq, personnel had to familiarize themselves with the aircraft in Iraq prior to the MiG-25 becoming operational in their aircraft fleet. And all because an Israeli report during that period doesn’t include MiG-25s as part of the Iraqi inventory, doesn’t mean Iraq did not pocess the MiG-25 at the time. Until somewhat recently, a lot people in the US didn’t even think Iran was capable of flying any F-14s without US technical support. That turned out to be way wrong.

    I guess I shouldn’t have automatically assumed you were not Iraqi. But, to me, it’s unlikely you are since Iranians still seems to be overly vengeful pricks when it comes bringing to “justice” Iraqis that might have been involved in the Iran-Iraq War in any way. Unless you’re in a really safe country, I wouldn’t think former Iraqi pilots would want to make themselves known to anyone, especially a very public internet forum.

    If you were a Mirage F-1 pilot during the 80s and/or 90s for the Iraqi Air Force, you’d probably know the name of the place your squadron was stationed, who your commanding officer was, roughly how many personnel were in your squadron, who the commanding general was for your wing/group (or whatever the Iraqi equivalent to a wing/group is), the name of your maintenance chief, the average operational readiness rate/surge rate for your squadron, which day of the week you and your buddies liked to go have fun and relax, and what you guys would do to have fun and relax. Questions that most people wouldn’t be able to find, but you’d easily be able to know if you are who you say you are.

  16. There is reliable reference but we mean to keep it hidden in this time, and the reason behind it there is no official reference represents the statements of the former Iraqi Air Force so far, such as official website or books in English language.
    Therefore, publication like this information and data randomly on public forums or websites probably will return to make damage to the former Iraqi air force reputation (in particular opportunistic people who seek behind any piece of real information may lead them to build a fake story is based on foundations of a genuine), in this case readers will have one reference only. For that the opportunists will take advantage opportunity to market their fabricated stories, such MiG-25 gunned down by an F-5 or H3 airstrike..etc
    Answer to the other part of the question, yes most Iraqi pilots mean no to talk on public or share any of their memories because Iranian intelligence and their militias inside Iraq still seeking them to avenge, therefore it is very rare to find an Iraqi pilot speak openly, to me I’m in safe country and using nick name so there is nothing to reveal my personality.
    However the oath that i made to fidelity to my job and reasons that i mentioned at the top are the same prevent me from talking specifically bout my squadron leader, personnel of my squadron, wing/group..etc this is beyond the impossible.
    But in general 79Sq Interceptor.

  17. Who by Iraqis admit that losing of at least 4 foxbats by AA?!
    Any Iraqi military statement or TV news are welcome if you may post it here please, Otherwise false allegations.

  18. OPSEC/COMSEC by all means do not divulge sensitive information on this site. The identities of the US NAVY Tomcat crews that shot down the Libyan Sukois are still classified for this same reason.

  19. “About 7 September, 1980 escorted by MiG-25′s. while trading shots with the MiG-25′s… ”

    The First F-14 kill on Sept. 1980 was a Mil Mi-25. The above text is a typo.

  20. Dear Curious,
    We’re talking about the helicopter NATO designation Hind-E. Produced by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, and designed by it’s founder Mikhail Leontyevich Mil. The designation Mil-25, Mi-25 or Mil Mi-25 are interchangeable. Bottom line was the helo was smoked.



  21. According to my sources, the first MiG-25 first entered service in August 1981.

  22. Where?
    The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 is a supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft that was among the fastest military aircraft to enter service. It was designed by the Soviet Union’s Mikoyan-Gurevich bureau. Wikipedia
    Weight: 44,090 lbs (20,000 kg)
    Wingspan: 46′ (14 m)
    Length: 65′ (20 m)
    Introduced: 1970
    Manufacturer: Mikoyan
    Engine type: Turbojet

    Nice Try,

  23. If Mr Tom Cooper did his best to put forward the information he has. That doesn’t mean he succeed showing the reality of that war and show to the people truthful information.
    How are we to believe Iranian air to air victory allegations which is more than 160 kills or maybe even more posted somewhere as Mr Tom Cooper published or, and Iraqi air force aircraft were attacking and hit every single target inside Iranian territory and sea! very long list of targets neutralized and terminated by Iraqi AF “documented with pictures and movies” No doubt, from the far west of Iran to the far north to the far south and you can take look at the map and see Republic of Iran how large is it compared to the size of Iraq, On the other hand there is only one video documenting the Iranian air assault inside Iraq during 8 years of war. In contrast, this small country “Iraq” defeated that giant “Iran” crouching on the east side, Otherwise, if Iran had won the war it would have reached Baghdad, which is just less than 150km/93mile away from the Iranian border while Iraqi army reach and hold places far than 200Km/124mile in Iranian depth including cities and air bases oil wells, While Iran was the only victory such Al Faw Peninsula far south-east of Iraq..

  24. hey iraqi pilot, you wanna say we didnt shut down your aircraft ever?? thats why every time an iraqi pilot saw an american F-14 in persian gulf war run out from dogfight?… by the way when you get latest french over some other western aircraft ,we couldnt even get spares of our own weapons. h3 airstrike was fabricated ???????? ..even your air force commander. mig 25 down by f-5 was lie? or even Operation Kaman 99 was lie?????? ok.. think like that…when iraqi jets flew to iran cities using u.s intelligence that which show them path they should go to and they just put their bombs on peoples you know how many child you killed??once one your jets got downed and their pilots gets as prisoners they show what they did.they start crying and told they told us this is a military base.
    .i dont think you were a pilot but it not important how a country big fact covering a bigger country is harder by radars and iran had so much blind point.for example bombing a country like israel is very harder than iran.because its little and their anti aircraft systems can easily cover the hole country.iraq was like this. when you get latest soviet anti aircraft system we dind have spares of our own hawk systems.

    who said all iraqi pilots scared to talk ,one your pilot عصام عبد الوهاب الزبیدی who made a book and tells his stories that how iranian shutdown iraqi jets… when you iraqis take prisoners from iran you kill the most of them,cuting their head,or even in your prisons you done most worse torture on them ,but when we get prisoners from you we treat them like brothers. that they where ready to fight against you even. before revolotion 1979 .on shah era saddam wanted to attack us but they put back their armor division after 24 hour from our border because of shah warn and then reached an agreement in algeria… when i read you comment i think that your are a saddam better read much more to find out what saddam did to his own people…
    an 80% disabled iran-iraq veteran.

  25. Dear Agman , I think every one shows own & by whatever thEY say . I can fight a Raptor pilot or any other hooye . but a wise reader will find out soon I’m only a chatterbox ! I don’t know which Iraqi pilot may write these hooye whereas he don’t know even difference from their aircraft short names and think the Mi-25 is same Mig-25 ! So the Fact is obvious. therefore his climbs has not any worth to respond.
    I notice you that Mig-25 delivered to Iraqi Air force in 1981 and not before it ! Even in that time any Iraqi pilot still had not been succeed to pass training period and at start the Soviet & East Germany pilots was fly for Iraqi Air Force . The First Mig-25 which engaged by an Iranian F-14 happened In 1982 . By and large in rare time these two fighter encountered to each other rather to encountering F-14 with Mirage F-1 or other type Migs or Sukhoi . It because some reasons. We must attention to Paul Iraqi Foxbats and their very limit missions. Off course It has great role in some reconnaissance missions but anymore and in other missions seems its role was more like an itinerant ….. There is so much secrets and topics in this war specially its Air war. You can ask me any thing . and I promise you that I say the truth if I know it. otherwise I only say that: I don’t know .
    and for the end I must say that Mr Tom Copper is not a good researcher . He is only a contractor in a market . Our Tomcat roles in the war was very bigger than whatever he has said but It’s not Important rather than his wrongs in technical part which its cause exactly is misknow about AWG-9 control fire system and other thing . Whenever he started for this book , one of my friends who is a retired IIAF pilot by name Maj Farhad Nassirkhani was helping him . every week many document pages were sent to him and he tried correct them with help from me and other pilot friends . But after short time we all found out that he is only a contractor not researcher …. Yours- Persian Pilot

  26. Woody,
    What an informed, insightful post. The pilots commenting on this post are “Shah Pilots” who were kicked out of Iran and Iraqi Christians that fled Iraq. The Iranian Tomcat crews TAUGHT the U.S. Navy how to fly and fight the F-14 because the Navy was doing it wrong. The Iraqis who flew in the Iran/Iraq war fought bravely and professionally and did not flee combat to safety like in Desert Storm BTW. How many combat sorties have you put up?

    Gentlemen, he’s yours. ATTACK!

  27. Where? In Iraq! or are we talking about Uganda??!!

    get some updated sources


  28. “Please state the nature of your medical emergency.” No…wait…try a better question. If this is a pissing contest, lemme go get a beer.

  29. y0u let me know when you want this article to be corrected and we will do it for you. In the meantime please remove it, then go get a beer.
    Some incorrect info you have there:
    -7 September, 1980 – While trading shots with the MiG-25’s (The Tomcats were armed with AIM-9P Sidewinders)……
    -13 September, 1980– The first AIM-54 Phoenix killed was fired by Major Mohamed-Reza Attaie and destroyed an Iraqi MiG-23MS……
    22 September, 1980- A pair of Tomcats lead by Captain Ali Azimi engaged a MiG-21RF escorted by two MiG-23’s….

    … and so on and so on… there is not a single parragraph without mistakes lol

  30. Miguel,
    What is the correct info? What is your level of expertise? Were you there? This is a discussion, feel free to enlighten us.
    Bitching Doesn’t Count,

  31. Does anyone know specific aircraft serial flown by Zandi (particularly if it includes victories)?

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