The Enterprise XO Video

It looks like Captain Owen Honors just might be the first victim of the Can’t Tell, Don’t Brag zero tolerance policy of the DoD. Cruise movies have been a long tradition in the U.S. Navy and a great morale booster for crews that have been at sea for more than a weekend.

See for yourself….this video isn’t close to the raciest one on YouTube. It’s the first one to surface after the signing of the Bill ending a ban of homosexuals serving in the military.

Click here if the video doesn’t work.

Before they ban it.

or here

14 JAN 2011- YEAH, YouTube Banned it…see a little of it here.

Anyone have a full copy?

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One thought on “The Enterprise XO Video

  1. Makes me wish I’d a joined the Navy, those guys appear to have a grand old time.

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