The Anti-Michael Savage Protest

Right off the get-go I need to tell you that I’m a big fan of Michael Savage. If you listen to his radio talk show, you’ll discover he is NOT a right wing radical. He has been known to blast both sides of the aisle on issues. What I like most about him is that here a guy who shuns political correctness in favor of telling it like it is. No punches being pulled here.

On July 5, 2007, radio talk-show host Michael Savage, while discussing a group of San Francisco hunger strikers who were supporting an immigration bill, said, “I would say let them fast till they starve to death…because then we won’t have a problem about giving them green cards, because they’re illegal aliens.”

This comment “caused” the Hispanic Community to take to the street in outrage. I personally think it was “La Raza” trying to pull an “Imus” on Mike. snapped a couple of pictures of the protest and I’ve added my two cents here.

If you’re going to make a protest sign, you have to spell correctly.Like “Xenophobic”
and “Schwarzenegger”.

Maybe there is something in that “Learn to Speak English” movement?

Here’s another helpful hint if you’re planning your own protest:

“If you are protesting racism, avoid racist remarks on your protest sign”

Help me out here. Is this a “La Raza” flag? MEChA maybe? Can racist organizations like MEChA and La Raza stage anti-racism protests?

Seriously, leave a comment if you know.

Supporters of Savage were also on hand.

6 thoughts on “The Anti-Michael Savage Protest

  1. Soon you neocons will have your just rewards. Once HILLARY is elected, you filthy animals won’t steal another one. Your kind will be brought to heel. First we shall enforce the second amendment the way the founding fathers wanted it. You will loss your precious little phallic sybloms. Then you will be set to camps for your reeducation. Your childern will be taked from you so your taint will no longer infect them. they of course can never be trusted so they will be forever marked and sterilized. In the end you and your blight will be wiped from MOTHER GIA. And the humans , of which you and your childern are not, will live in harmony. Just like the old coke commerials showed.

  2. Mike Savage is one of the few voices left in Amreica that will give you the truth. This is why the scumbags in are goverment and there masters like la raza , the race, want him shut down. They know the first thing you take out before an attack is your ability to enemies communicate. This way he resistants can be crushed piece meal.
    Keep your powder dry troop.
    The paulylamma
    Peace thru supior fire power!

  3. How brave a post there anonymous. I was looking forward to an intellectual debate but I see that would be pointless.

  4. You should all know Michael has beating them . Now he really needs our support. We need to drill this down and expose all those socialist’s lock step leader’s and follower’s , before they ruin our Country. If it’s not to late. Michael’s life is under threat by those very same socialist’s , so heis brodcasting from as safe place right now. God Bless Dr. Savage

  5. Yes Dr. Savage has been beating them (illegal immigrants) for a long time. It’s nice to see his “Borders, Language, Culture” mantra has been entering the mainstream. It’s sad that he’s been driven underground. Maybe Mark Lavin’s “Underground Bunker” isn’t a bad idea. How long will it be before La Raza and MEChA resort to guns.

    I heard a statistic today that said that 35 Americans die ebery day due to illegal immigrants. Either by murder or accidents (like traffic).

  6. Maddog,
    Do you have a statistic for how many Americans white people kill every day? With these senseless wars overseas, I'm sure it's much more than innocent people seeking the freedom and acceptance the US pretends to offer!

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