The Americans are Coming!

The Americans Season 2, is scheduled for a January 2014 premiere on FX. The retro spy drama  only needed 4 episodes to convince FX to sign on for a whole new batch of episodes.

Set in 1981, it’s a story about Philip and Elizabeth Jennings.  A yuppie couple living in the suburbs of Washington  D.C.  He works at a travel agency and she’s a stay at home Mom of two.  Except that’s a lie.  They are really Mischa and  Nadezhda .  Two KGB agents who’s cover is so deep their kids don’t know their Russians.

Sexy and dramatic,  this show hooks you on the first episode.  You’ll find yourself rooting for the dedicated Soviets as they fight to protect Mother Russia from the Evil Americans led by their fanatical President Reagan.   It’s Progressive porn at it’s best.

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Catch up before season two starts:

The Americans: Season One

Can’t wait?  Watch it now:


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