The 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom

The medal is “A tribute to the idea that all of us, no matter where we come from, have the opportunity to change this country for the better.

-President Obama.

In his intro monologue, Barry proves again that he has a great future as a stand up comic. Here are the folks he gave medals to today.

Awarded for.. Campaign Donor
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Black Guy
Elouise Cobell Token Indian
Ellen DeGeneres Lesbian
Robert De Niro Barry liked Casino.
Richard Garwin Invented electronic spying
Bill and Melinda Gates Rich Guy and his wife
Frank Gehry Who cares?
Margaret H. Hamilton NASA Nerd
Tom Hanks Barry likes his movies
Grace Hopper Dead Chick.
Michael Jordan Black Guy
Maya Lin Asian Chick
Lorne Michaels Barry likes SNL
Newt Minow Barry likes Gilligan's Island
Eduardo Padrón Undocumented American
Robert Redford Communist
Diana Ross Black Chick
Vin Scully Barry thought he was Agent Scully.
Bruce Springsteen Barry likes his songs.
Cicely Tyson Black Chick

Yeah, this post pokes fun at Barry.  The people honored today was a dazzling array of Americans.  Many truly deserve the award.  There were a disturbingly high  number of campaign donors, socialists and folks to whom Barry is a fawning fan.

Obama Hands Out Medals of Freedom to Major Democratic Donors, Supporters


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