Teenager Survives Yemini Crash

Fourteen year old Bahia Bakari was the sole survivor of a Yemini Airbus 310-300 crash which killed 152 passengers and crew. The Airbus was on approach to Moroni when it crashed into the Indian Ocean. The child is a non-swimmer and spent 13 hours clinging to debris. Her injuries consisted of ONLY a mild hypothermia and a broken collar bone. She was rescued by a passing boat.

No reason was given for the cause of the crash.

One thought on “Teenager Survives Yemini Crash

  1. Nice looking website.

    The important question in all this is why wasn't the girl ASKED what happened to cause the crash? Seems a slightly important matter that an eye-witness could provide some insight about. Looks like the story is being buried, however behind the "life and times of sole-survivors of crashes," "Are children better suited for crashes?" and of course the obligatory "History of Black Boxes."

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