Teenager Saves Abducted Girl


We have seen this scenario too many times.  A child is suddenly missing and the neighborhood mobilizes to search for the child.  But this time there is a happy ending.

Five year old Jocelyn Rojas went missing from her Lancaster, Pennsylvania apartment.  Her frantic Mom called the police.  Police, Firemen and neighbors flooded the streets within minutes.

Temar Boggs (15) was hanging out in his apartment when his friend came by to say there were a “bunch of cops” outside.  Temar and his friend, Chris Garcia (15) joined the search on foot.  Temar noticed a car going in and out of the cul-de-sacs of his neighbor and thought that was suspicious.  The boys then got on their bikes to get a closer look at the car.  Temar recognized the missing little girl in the car and they gave chase on their bikes.  The driver was lost and looking for a way out of the neighborhood.  After about 15 minutes the car stopped and little Jocelyn was released.

She ran to Temar saying she wanted to go to her Mommy.  Temar hoisted her up on his shoulders and rode his bike back.  After a little way he thought that being on the bike was dangerous to her so he got off and carried her the rest of the way to the police who were still in the street canvassing for witnesses.

Jocelyn was reunited with her Mommy within two and a half hours of being lured into a stranger’s car with the promise of ice cream.  The suspect, a white male, 50-70 years old “with a limp” is still at large.  “I believe it took courage for them to follow the car,” said Manheim-Lancaster Township Police Chief Neil Harkins, referring to the teenage boys.

A grateful Mom thanks Temar Boggs for rescueing her child.


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