Rosie found this on Tumblr and sent it to me.  It’s hilarious…..if you speak German.  I’ll give translating at shot.




Isn’t that the thing you stick pictures in  to hang them on the wall?

No, those are frames, a Ramen is a black bird.


No, that’s a crow. Ramen is the thing people are given when they’re born so that people will know who they are.



No, you mean Name.  You mean that thing you have on your skin, which you get when you have an operation.


No, that is a scar.  Ramen is another way to refer to women.







No those are Dames.  Ramen is what you stick in the ground and a plant grows out.

No, that is a seed.  Ramen is the whole lawn.


No, that’s a race.  Ramen is a boy’s name.

No, that its Ramon. Ramen is a rabbit  that tells time.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Kann Sie mir hilfen?  Bitte im, “the comments” ihren Übersetzung schreiben.