Did Beirut Nuke Itself?


At 18:07 local time (15:07 UTC) on the 4th of August, 2020, the city of Beirut, Lebanon was rocked by a massive explosion. It was judged to be the equivalent to around 1.2 kilotons of TNT 18:07 local time (15:07 UTC(5.0 TJ) . The explosion was detected by the United States Geological Survey as a seismic event of magnitude 3.3; was felt in Turkey, Syria, Israel, and parts of Europe; and was heard in Cyprus more than 250 km (160 mi) away.

  • There were at least 171 deaths, 6,000 injuries, $10–15 billion in property damage, and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless.
  • Within the port area, the explosion destroyed a section of shoreline and left a crater roughly 124 m (407 ft) in diameter and 43 m (141 ft) in depth.
  • The cruise ship Orient Queen, berthed nearby, suffered extensive damage. Two members of the crew were killed,[143] and seven crew members were injured. The ship capsized overnight.
  • Six ships docked in the harbor were damaged or destroyed.
  • Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport, 10 kilometers away was damaged.

The explosion was explained in the Media as the explosion of a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate. When the U.S. detonated the Trinity test on July 16, 1945, a press release explained that the explosion was due to an ammunition dump exploding.

The actual release


A “FIZZLE” occurs when a nuclear weapon detonates and it does not result in a “NUCLEAR YIELD”. There is only film of a Fizzle in the public domain is the failed detonation of the REDWING device.

Note that REDWING was a thermonuclear device that the initial flash was the fission device detonating to boost the fusion portion. This flash was not seen in Beirut. Footage of the Beirut explosion documenting the tell-tale pinkish plume of neutron radiation bombarding the camera lens have been deleted from the Internet.

The information received by the Africa ExPress from a trusted military source that wants to remain anonymous: “The cause of the explosion that devastated Beirut on the evening of August 4 was caused by a tactical nuclear weapon stored at the port. 

At the time of this post, the theory that Israel attacked Lebanon with a nuclear weapon is false.

A pressure wave measurement or “P-Wave” is a measurement of seismic signals. It is used by the U.S. and other Nuclear Powers to monitor the World for nuclear detonations.

A P-Wave produced by the Beirut explosion was initially reported by several countries. As with every other evidence that supports this line of thinking has been purged from the Internet.

Did “Bad Actors” have a nuke in Beirut and it got away from them? Los Alamos almost nuked itself in 1946.

One of the worst accidents involved Louis Slotin, a Canadian scientist in charge of monitoring plutonium chain reactions in a device known as the “guillotine.” One day the Slotin’s screwdriver got jammed in the guillotine, causing the plutonium to form a hypercritical mass capable of explosion. Immediately Slotin tore apart the two pieces of plutonium with his bare hands and in the process absorbed an enormous amount of radiation.

The event is dramatically portrayed in the movie “Fat Man and Little Boy “, but the actual incident happened on May 21, 1946​. Slotin died nine days later.

Louis Slotin

Did Beirut nuke itself? Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to join the discussion in the comment section below.

President Obama Draws a Red Line in the Sand

“Bush Lied, People Died”. Remember the good old days?  The mission objective of Operation Iraqi Freedom was to wrest weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein.  Weapons that our intelligence reports said he had and  weapons he had was known to have used against his own people. But alas, no wmds were found. Evil George Bush started a war on false pretenses. He was getting even because of his Daddy. He was a big fat liar. Well…..sort of.

Yesterday, President Obama caved to the pressure of accusations that he was ducking the White House Press Corps and held a press conference.  During which he said something that was very, very interesting. I rewound the DVR a couple of times to make sure I heard what he just said. Here’s a YouTube clip. It starts getting good at 1:44 into it.

[ed note: Rumors about “High Level White House Officials ” leaking confidential information for political gain are really, really false. Wink…um…wink.]

“We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground,  that a red line for us, is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.That would change my calculus.That would change my equation.” -President Obama

How about that? The president is concerned about WMD’s that “didn’t exist”. He’s suggesting military intervention to prevent their use against civilians or “other players on the ground “. Sound familiar ? Like Bush, he is NOT LYING, but rather acting on intelligence he as commander in chief is being briefed about.

Remember when Secretary  of State Colin Powell went to the U.N. Security Council with satellite photos about a mysterious convoy of trucks going from Baghdad  to Syria?

Wow! Heavy trucks at WMD sites. Go figure. Fast forward to 2006. Read this, a letter detailing the movement of the WMD’s from Iraq to Syria. The bad english is due to the translation.

Document that was written sometimes after the Iraq war talks about an Iraqi dissident named “Abu Abdallah” who says that Iraqi WMD were moved to Syria before the war on the month of 10 Mouharam (Islamic calendar) i.e. March 10. The document was apparently reviewed by the Department of Defense as the word D.O.D (in Latin letters) was written on the side of the document.


Beginning of the translation 

Dear Respected Sir

Warm salute… and then

To review with regards and please and return the document to Mrs. Mona after the translation with thanks.


Abu Abdallah


To the Respected Responsible for the bureau of follow up and coordination.

Subject: We have information about the location of the Weapons of Mass Destruction

In the day of 10 Mouharam before the coalition forces started the war on Iraq, 50 trucks for land transportation entered Syria on an intermittent convoy. I met some of the drivers and they did not know what they carried in these trucks. These trucks were loaded from an unknown location in Baghdad and was brought to the drivers and the Iraqi Intelligence was with them. Each time they crossed a certain distance, the Iraqi Intelligence stopped them and asked them what are they carrying and their answer was we do not know. And when these trucks arrived to Syria in the area of Deir Al Zour the drivers were taken out of their trucks and the Syrian Intelligence ride instead. These trucks were entered into large warehouses and when these trucks were emptied it was given back to the Iraqi drivers. And they were given a reward worth of 200 dollars for the safety of arrival. One of the drivers mentioned to me that this was second time they carry these secrets loads and the first time was 1 Mouharam.

I have a friend in Syria who works in a Syrian company as partner with a Syrian merchant. This person is an Iraqi ex-Consul in the Iraqi embassies and he resigned from the diplomatic circle and he has strong connection with the Iraqi Embassy in Syria and he knows all the Iraqi Intelligence and those knows that I work for the Iraqi opposition in Syria. I was visiting him daily during this period to find out the important news. When the trucks entered Syria I went to him and told him that Iraqi Weapons entered Syria so he said to me who told you that and I said to him I knew from my sources, and he told me to keep this confidential and not tell anyone because it indeed entered.




Under translation and print

Moustafa Al Khaliye.

Here is the site I snagged that jewel from.

So what do you think? I think the October  Surprise just might be “Operation Syrian Freedom”.

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