TEETH 2- The Sequel

Apparently filming wisdom tooth patients is a national past-time. I thought I was being witty.


Wow? That was a fast post.

I guess I should add things like:


1. Watch for the Hogswort’s wizard.

2. Are “small veins” anyone’s fault.

3.  At what point in my video to I do a PERFECT Forrest Gump immitation?

4. Any time any one touches their lip…DRINK!

5. Does chapstick get you into trouble?

6. Which one is the “Happy Twin”?

7.  WTF is “Bulkbarn”. Do they have those in Wisconsin?

There…has this been a satisfying post for you? Did you get enough?





My Wisdom Teeth Come Out

Again. Had the bottoms taken out in about ’96. They grew back. The dentists gave weird looks on that one. But I saw the xrays of both sets. HELD all four teeth in my hand. But here’s the weirder part…. My left bottom one had a filling and I don’t remember EVER getting a filling.


1966: Had some fillings put into baby teeth.

1977: Had one of those baby teeth extracted.

1996: Left bottom wisdom tooth shattered. Had both sides pulled cause one right bottom had a CAVITY.

2005: Had tumor removed from lower gum. My Doctor was the awesome Brendan G. Johnson, DDS.

2012: Dr. Johnson extracted my bottom wisdom teeth again. He was not the dentist the first time.

Yeah, they put me to sleep for this one. But I have to say, “I have had worse haircuts”. In Korea, but that’s another story. I recommend

Nevada Oral & Facial Surgery  to anyone needing an oral surgeon. No, I’m not being paid to say that.

Not mentioned in the video is my dentist, Rosalynd Alatorre, DMD.  She and the crack staff at Gentle Dental got the ball rolling. Not only the exam and the paperwork and the scheduling. But truly , gently prodded me to get this done.

Finally, I recommend the folks at  carecredit.com who paid for it all when Obamacare wouldn’t.





Now, without further fanfare I present…..

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