What is the White House?

The “White House” is the nick name of the Executive Mansion.  It is the official residence of the President of the United States.  It is also the President’s private residence and where the Presidential family resides.

CNN “reporter” Joe Acosta lost his White House clearance when he acted like an ass at a Presidential press conference.  Even Fox News is one the “Freedom of the Press” band wagon.




Until the Truman Administration, American citizens could knock on the White House door and ask to see their President.  This ended with the assassination attempt of November 1, 1950.  This traditional invitation by the President extends back to Washington.

Between 1861 and 1864, records indicate that President Lincoln personally entertained over 2000 callers.  From members of Congress and the Military to ordinary citizens.  Mrs. Lincoln’s relatives alone were a tribe of trouble. Half of them were Confederate sympathizers or Confederate combatants. A letter written by Samuel G. Suddarth is revealing.

“We were conducted up to the Presidents Sanctorm or business room, where to our surprise and gratification all further formality was laid aside. Mr. Lincoln shook us cordially by the hand and received us in so natural and unostentatious a manner, and with that kind of unaffected, plain, and native urbanity, as to dispel all embarrassment, and cause us to feel entirely easy. ” [1]

It is a long held tradition of the White House being the President’s home and people are invited into it “at the pleasure of the President”.

It also means the Presidents can do anything they want in it and to it.  First Ladies have had a free hand to redecorate.  Truman had the whole thing torn down and rebuilt.  A bowling alley was added by Richard Nixon in 1969.  The current “press room” sit atop FDR’s swimming pool.

Bowling at the White House.

They are the final arbiter about who can or can’t be in the White House. During the first term of President Clinton, Hillary’s entire staff did not have security clearances to be in the building.  Yet, they were allowed in “at the pleasure of the President”.


The first presidential press conference was held by President Woodrow Wilson in March of 1913.  Since then, presidents and their staffs saw them as a primary strategy for explaining their policies.

“I regard it as rather necessary to the carrying on of our republican institution that the people should have a fairly accurate report of what the president is trying to do, and it is for that purpose, of course, that those intimate conferences are held.” [September 14 1926]-President Coolidge

The Press has no Right to be in the White House.


It looks like the question of kicking Joe Acosta out of the White House will go to the Supreme Court on the grounds it violates the First Amendment and freedom of the press.

But the White House is the President’s home and by extension America’s home.  If the Supreme Court rules that Acosta and anyone else for that matter can enter the White House over the President’s objection does not bode well for our Rights.

If the President, as the Head of his household can be forced by the courts to allow people in that he doesn’t want there; the Courts can force you to accept unwanted guests as well.

Think about what the Left wants to do with illegal immigrants.

Do not underestimate how smart the Leftists are and their zeal in removing the Constitution.

Woman Shot Dead by D.C. Police

Mirian Carey. A dental hygienist.

What would motivate a woman to drive 265 miles to crash her car into a White House barrier? Twice?  The government shut down, of course. Mirian Carey 34, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut drove her Nissan Infiniti from her home in Stamford to Washington D.C. and then rammed her car into a White House barrier with her one year old daughter Erica in the back seat.   

After being surrounded by Capitol Police at the White House, Carey managed to escape and was chased to the Capitol building where she was shot dead by police.  She was unarmed.

Have you noticed that whenever an act of violence occurs whether it’s a train wreck or a propane explosion or a madman shooting people screaming  “Allah Akbar” a spokesman comes forth to declare it is NOT an act of terrorism?  This incident is no different.

U.S. Capitol Police chief Kim Dine said the incident “appears to be an isolated, singular matter, with, at this point, no nexus to terrorism.”

Why Did She Do It?

After a quick Googling a bunch of reasons are being put forth:

  • Distraught of Government shut down.
  • History of mental Illness
  • Post Partum Depression
  • A bad break up with baby’s father
  • The Tea Party

So ask yourself :

  • Why would a young lady crash her car into the White House?
  • Why would a young lady who immigrated from Somalia crash her car into the White House?
  • Why would a young lady who immigrated from Somalia crash her car into the White House on the anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu (Blackhawk Down)?

[ed note: The Capitol Police who gave chase were furloughed and working without pay.]