WaMu Tries to Sell Itself.

Literally. Washington Mutual put itself up for auction today in an attempt to avoid being the next bank failure.

I tried to balance my checking account at WaMu last Saturday and this is what happened.

1. I called the Customer Service Center and there was no option to talk to a real person.

2. The folks at my local branch did not know how to get and operator on the line. “Press 0####, no wait, maybe it’s 0#0#0#0#.”

3. When I got a hold of a “Customer Service Specialist” (I still do not know how that happened), they could not answer any question I posed. They were polite though.

4. Wamu could not tell me how much I had in my checking account. They offered the following choices:

a. -73.25 from their website.
b. 46.10 from the phone service.
c. -32.46 also from the website. It changed from -73.25 with absolutely no activity.
d. Still -32.46 after depositing $120.
e. 84.96 from the screen that the Customer Service Rep was using.

5. My ATM card still does not work and they’re not sure why.

Gur agrees,,,Wamu sucks.