LtCol Randolph C. White Jr. Addresses the Graduating Class

I’d follow this man into Hell and carry extra gasoline.

All branches of the Armed Forces exist solely to provide for the uninterrupted advance of the infantryman. You cannot gain ground through naval or aerial bombardment. Someone has to walk on the ground. To eat,sleep,shit, piss, bleed and if need be die in order for it to be called gained ground.

Infantry, Queen of the Battle.

Thank God in Heaven that men like LtCol White and those he addresses have been given to the United States of America. As in generations before, these men rise up to defend the rights of all. You, me, the patriots and the whining cowards who scream defeat at the first challenge.

This is a life we choose. We accept the loss of comrades, the occasional empty chair. We reject those who bleat war casualties we suffer but have never said a word when our comrades have fallen in training. Did they care when are families were destroyed from the stress of military life. We embrace the honor to post on the wall and defend our country from those who would destroy us. All we ask in return is a flag to drape our coffin. Think of that the next time you here someone bemoaning the loss of their 401K or bitch about the leaders of our country.

What have they lost? What have they offered?

War Souvenir 1943

This is a reason we won World War Two.
This is the reason we’re losing the battle for Iraq. Any soldier caught with something along these lines would be court marshaled. Here’s a clue people: War is by nature not politically correct. War is destroying the enemy by whatever means available for he is surely going to do the same to you.

Kindness in war is killing as effectively as possible to end the war as soon as possible. Everything else is rubbish.