UFO Alert

Before you start calling MUFON, you might want to know about the Bullet 580. The 235 foot airship is scheduled to make it’s first flight later this month.

E-Green acquired airship builder 21st Century Airships, which holds patents for Bullet 580 technologies and designs, including a system of bags that hold helium for lighter-than-air lift and an inner hull that is filled with ambient air.

The eight million dollar Bullet 580 is designed to lift payloads weighing up to 15000 pounds. With a top speed of 80 mph, it will also be able to reach 20,000 feet for surveillance operations.

The first flight will be from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Seen Any UFO’s Lately?

Gotcha! Welcome to the P-791. One Part Hovercraft. Two Parts Blimp. It’s a hybrid airship developed by Lockheed-Martin and flown out the company’s Palmdale Plant 42. It’s maiden flight was on 31 January, 2006.

Did you spot the skunk on the tail?

If you’re wondering, P-791 doesn’t mean anything. It’s just what the engineers call it. Engineers are queer that way.

Don’t you hate when UFO pictures are all fuzzy and out of focus?

Just kidding…here’s a better picture.