9/11 Terrorists Going to Stay at Guantanamo Bay- Fuck Them

The six terrorists that have been charged with planning the 9/11 attacks will be tried before a military commission and not a civilian court. The trail will take place in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Before you rend your blouse and gnash your teeth, bemoaning that their human rights are being violated, you might consider this.

Walid Muhammad Salih Mubarak Bin ‘Attash is alleged to have administered an al Qaeda training camp in Logar, Afghanistan where two of the September 11th hijackers were trained. He is also alleged to have traveled to Malaysia in 1999 to observe airport security by US air carriers in order to assist in formulating the hijacking plan.

Ali Abdul Aziz Ali is alleged to have included sending approximately $120,000 to the hijackers for their expenses and flight training, and facilitating travel to the United States for nine of the hijackers.

These two psychopaths were appearing in the courtroom in Guantanamo. Bored of the proceedings Bin Attash fashioned a paper airplane and sailed it to Aziz Ali. Aziz Ali caught the plane and unfolded it. Reading what was there, he laughed out loud.

Bin Attash had written the flight numbers of the planes used in the September 11th attacks.

Pilot in Hot Water for Blowing Whistle on TSA

Although it was cool with his airline, it wasn’t with the TSA. A pilot who videoed security gaps at San Francisco airport has had his Federal Deputy status revoked and his federally provided side arm confiscated by the six agents that came to his house when he posted his video to YouTube.

This comes as no surprise to me. When I worked as a baggage handler we had to removed our SECURITY BADGE before going through the metal detectors on our way back from lunch. If we were in a hurry, we could duck into one office, go through the office and out by another door that was on the other side of the screening. Sometimes if the screener was rude we’d wave from inside the security zone.

While waiting to park a jet we were relaxing under the jetway (that ramp thingy that you walk through to board) when two guys in suits walked out of a crew door looked around and when back into the crew offices. After playing a short round of hide and seek in the hallways we confronted them and asked to see their security badges.

“We don’t have badges son,” the older of the two said as he opened his sports coat, “we have one of these.”

My eyes focused on the big black Glock he had in a shoulder holster.

“Not the gun, son. Look at the badge.”

They were Secret Service and had been inspecting security of the terminal. The Vice-President’s wife was coming to our fair city in the near future. They had roamed around for about a half an hour before we jacked them for badges. We were the only ones to challenge them. We were given $100 ($50 for each agent) by the company for our alert action.