The Crash of the Lake Mead Bomber


On the 21st of July, 1948, RB-29F  SN:45-21847 crashed into Lake Mead Reservoir, Nevada. The aircraft was flown out of NAWS China Lake, Armitage Field, Inyokern, California. Captain Robert M. Madison and the four man crew were participating in operation “Sun Tracker”. The purpose of this project was to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile guidance system that used the sun for direction and positioning.

Captain Robert M. Madison (rt) and his crew chatting with engineers.


The crash report states that the Star Tracker system operator requested a low pass on Lake Mead. I think the pilot just wanted to buzz the lake after a rather boring mission. The lake was glassy smooth that day and the pass was supposed to be at 300 feet. Due to the water conditions, Madison misjudged his height and hit the water.


In a wings level attitude, the B-29 skipped over the water once and came to rest hundreds of yards later where in settled wings level and sank. No MAYDAY call was made due to the abruptness of the mishap. The crew escaped without injury and then floated on Lake Mead for four and a half hours before being rescued.

Shipwreck #4 – The Secret Of Lake Mead from NPS Submerged Resources Center on Vimeo.


The wreck sat undisturbed until a private Daddy/Daughter dive team led by Gregg Mikolasek of In Depth Consulting found the wreck of the B-29 in the Overton Arm of Lake Mead, using side scan sonar. Because of the equipment on board the wreck’s approximate location and mission had remained classified by the Department of Defense until 2005.

This how the wreck appears in the video game “Fallout-New Las Vegas”. It’s not accurate because three of the four engines were sheared off in the crash.

The initial depth of over 600 feet kept the wreck out of reach of only experienced deep divers. The water level of Lake Mead has now dropped to a level that allows recreational divers to tour wreck and the site is manage by the National Park Service.

Through the years, rumors have been spread that the wreck is radioactive. This is not true because the crash happened four year before the first atomic test in Nevada occurred with SHOT ABLE at 5:45 27 local time on January 1951 at Frenchman Flat, Nevada.



Principal Forced to Resign

The Kansas Board of Education hired Dr. Amy Robertson as the new principal of Pittsburg High School.   Maddie Baden (17) from the student newspaper decided to write an article about her. Students on the newspaper staff reviewed the article and found inconsistencies and odd details.


The school newspaper has won many regional and national awards.


Baden said, “No one knew who Robertson was.”  Baden and her fellow students began investigating the future principal’s background and credentials. Before long, the students began to realize there was something fishy about the situation.


‘The Booster Redux’ staff members had actually uncovered some articles from 2012 that actually stated Robertson’s involvement with the Dubai American Scientific School revealing  that she did not have the right to work as the institution’s principal and that the school’s license had also been suspended.

Baden later told ‘The Kansas City Star’ that the old newspapers “raised a red flag. If students could uncover all of this, I want to know why the adults couldn’t.” As a consequence, half a dozen students spent around three weeks looking into their future principal’s background. They soon discovered that they had only just touched the surface of the scandal.

The team of investigators decided to look deeply into Robertson’s past education. For example, she had said that she had received a master’s degree and a doctorate from Corllins University. Robertson also stated that she had taken online classes and also visited the campus in Stockton, California, from time to time.

Fake graduation picture.

When the students decided to check the college’s website, they couldn’t find any truth that the institution ever existed in the first place. The Better Business Bureau also claims that Corllins is not an accredited business and has no known physical address. There have actually been reports that accuse the college of being a scam that allows people to buy a degree.


Soon after, ‘The Booster Redux’ published an article on the front page of its March 31, 2017 issue, revealing everything they’ve found. Editor of the paper, Trina Paul explained that the publication had wanted to expose the truth after noticing inconsistencies in Robertson’s story.

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Robertson told ‘The Kansas City Star’,
“The current status of Corllins University is not relevant. When I received my MA in 1994 and my Ph.D. in 2010, there was no issue. All of my degrees have been authenticated by the U.S. government.”

In light of all the issues that arose, Amy Robertson felt that it was in the best interest of the district to resign her position.