The Space Shuttle Challenger

Today is the anniversary of the Shuttle Challenger explosion.

challenger-shuttle disaster



Why did the NASA engineers want to postpone Challenger’s launch?

They wanted to wait for the Fourth of July.

What does NASA stand for?

Need Another Seven Astronauts.

What did Christa McAuliffe say to her husband before she boarded Challenger?

While I’m gone you feed the kids and the dog ans when I get back I’ll feed the fish.

Contrary to popular belief, Felix Baumgartner wouldn’t be the first person to break Mach 1 in freefall – he’d be the 8th after the entire crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986……..

Christa’s eyes were blue.

One blew this way and one blew that way.

Why did the crew of the Challenger die?

NASA couldn’t afford a Blaupunk stereo AND a back up escape system.

judith-resnik-and-christa-mcauliffeMy girlfriend said she wanted to be the woman to get fucked on a Space Shuttle.

I think the girls on Challenger beat her to it.


Did you know that NASA has a new space drink?

Ocean Spray – It was their second choice because they couldn’t get 7-UP.

What does a sea lion and  the Challenger have in common?

They’re all looking for a tight seal.

What did the kids watching the Challenger launch scream?


What’s the difference between the Patriots and the Challenger?

The Patriots made it past Miami.


What About the Columbia?

What goes up and doesn’t come down?


NASA now stands for Need Another Shuttle Again.

What does the Shuttle Columbia and Ted Bundy have in common?

They both left bodies in four different states.

The Sheriff in Midland, Texas found a severed penis in the middle of Main Street.

He immediately identified it as a Shuttle Cock.

NASA determined that the Challenger and Columbia crashes are connected.

The shuttles are blowing up in alphabetical order.

What should you do if you find a piece of the Space Shuttle Columbia?

Sell it on eBay.

Why aren’t NASA engineers good at crossword puzzles?

They couldn’t get seven up or seven down.

Why can’t the Republican’s keep politics out of the Columbia investigation?

They keep blaming it on the left wing!

What did the crew of Columbia miss while they were in orbit?

The Runway.


The “Last Words” from Challenger.

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2001 A Space Reality Check


In 1968, I sat in a movie theater and was thrilled by 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Collectively,  we dreamed of a future with flying cars and vacations on the Moon.  Many of us are disappointed that due to budget cuts and politics, that future did not arrive.  Or maybe it did and it’s so embedded in our culture we don’t notice it.  Let me contrast and compare and you tell me if we made it.

Here’s the Orion II, earth orbit shuttle from the movie.
Here is Discovery in orbit.


This is the cockpit of the Orion II
Here is the flight deck of the Discovery.

Take a virtual tour of Discovery.