We Find Signs of Bigfoot

Having moved to South Carolina, I was really excited to do some “Squatching” of my own.  I did not expect to find something this soon or where I found it.

Actual BF sightings are rare, but a body of knowledge has been building about the stuff they leave behind.  Collectively known as “Stick Structures”, oddly bent trees, complex structures of rooted and placed trees and simple stick and rock patterns on the ground are examples.  Some of these signs look to this Boy Scout as familiar.  In the Scouts we were taught that trail markers were used by the Indians.  Lately I’ve been thinking about where the Indians got these markers from.  Sasquatch?

If you want to take a moment and read more about Sasquatch click here.

Here are some examples of these structures:

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This is what first caught my interest.
Is this the classic twisting motion?
Another view. Also note the bark stripped that’s not apparent on the other trees.
A smaller tree bent down like Junior was copying Mom. Note no other trees bent.
This is a shot from the other direction.




The Pakis are Pissed….and Stupid

Whether you post cartoons of Muhammad or kill their iconic leader, you know the Mooslums are going to be pissed.

Sure as shit you know that the next thing to go is their spelling and grammar. Spotted this gem on the morning news….

Maybe it's a Paki Zombie Squad?