Devin Kelley’s AR-15

We at the Lucky Puppy have heartfelt sympathy for the victims and survivors of the Sutherland shooting.  We also applaud the men who hunted this bastard down and shot him.  No matter what the MSM says what happened.

Texas has a saying:

“If you kill us, we’ll kill you right back.”

USA Today published a video today detailing the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle used in the Texas church shooting — however, there was one slight detail in their report.  He didn’t have one.

The Internets being the Internets…..well….things immeadiatlyspun out of control.

I immediately posted this one, but folks were way ahead of me.





AR-15 vs. AK-47

Who was shooting at Mandalay Bay? You decide.

This a video of an AR-15 with the “Bump Fire Mod” being reported in the media.

AK-47 on auto.

Here is footage of the Las Vegas shooting….

The  AK-47 makes a distinctive clacking noise. Clack,clack,clack,clack.

While the AR-15 or M-16 makes a popping noise. Pop, pop,pop,pop,pop,pop.

Watch the following video around 4:59.  There’s shooting from the “wrong” floor.


When filmed up close they sound almost the same.  But at a distance the difference is more apparent.

Veterans please voice an opinion in the comments below.

Having heard the AK-47 fired at me, it sounds like an AK in Vegas.

Las Vegas will go through any length to protect the PR of the casinos.  I have been in two casino fires that never made the news.  This shooting is way too public to be covered up.  However, watch carefully how Vegas and the media will spin this.