Novel North American Hominins

Yeah, we’re talking Bigfoot.  You have to be able to pronounce mitochondrial before proceeding.


If you’ve watched “Finding Bigfoot”, “Monster Quest” or any other “Bigfoot” show they always have DNA samples that come back, “Contaminated with Human DNA”  and then the results are ignored.  The problem is that when DNA is used to identify an unknown sample, it is compared to a known species.  “Oh yeah, it’s fox.”  In my humble opinion, it occurred to me that if you had all these unknown samples and they all come up as the same genome, you have a genome of an unknown species.  Like….um…..Bigfoot.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum has coined and has had accepted the term Anthropoidipes Ameriborealis to describe the North American Relic Hominid.

Dr. Melba Ketchum did just that.  In a groundbreaking study she and her team mapped the Bigfoot genome.

Sorry about the audio.



Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies

Watch the next video carefully.  At the 4:10, Bobo says that he did not sign a non-disclosure agreement “Like everyone else”.  He mentions the Sierra Shooting.  Have you noticed that in the recent years all the “Bigfoot” shows on TV have dried up? Dr. Meldrum went quiet.  Finding Bigfoot went off the air.  Todd Standing is quiet.  Minnow Films who own the rights to the story of a Bigfoot shot behind a San Antonio strip mall (of all places) is silent.

Speaking of San Antonio, here’s the original 2012 911 call that started that story.

Minnow Films hired Rick Dyer for the “Bigfoot Expert”.  The real story was wrapped up in stories and the whole episode was labeled a hoax because Dyer presented (again) a fake body for exhibition.  But where did the real body go.  The following video hints at Washington State.  Between the “HOAX! HOAX! HOAX!” that is the theme of the video.  While you watched it, did bits of Truth leak through the cracks?





Dr. Meldrum is back on the road addressing Sasquatch as a Hominin.  Did access to DNA and a body shift this very thorough PhD to change the direction of his research?



Devin Kelley’s AR-15

We at the Lucky Puppy have heartfelt sympathy for the victims and survivors of the Sutherland shooting.  We also applaud the men who hunted this bastard down and shot him.  No matter what the MSM says what happened.

Texas has a saying:

“If you kill us, we’ll kill you right back.”

USA Today published a video today detailing the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle used in the Texas church shooting — however, there was one slight detail in their report.  He didn’t have one.

The Internets being the Internets…..well….things immeadiatlyspun out of control.

I immediately posted this one, but folks were way ahead of me.