Rioting Serves No Purpose

Michigan’s Governor declares a state of emergency as riots over the shooting of poor little Michael Brown continue.

Ferguson Michigan has become the setting for a “real life Battle for the Planet of the Apes” with rioters acting like “Curious George on Red Bull”. But before you call me a racist you should know I’m quoting a surprising source.


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Here’s Morgan Freeman’s take on a solution which I fully agree with.

In the spirit of total disclosure, I went to a Black Ghetto High School with “W CHAMBERLAIN” on my gym shorts.  Go Spartans! At Seaside High School I learned to be color blind like Morgan said.  But I have to watch myself because my definition of nigger is probably not yours.  When I use the word it has NOTHING to do with race but rather stupidity.  Johnathan is eloquent in expressing this concept.

So I reach out to folks who don’t look like me and others who do to stop being so stupid and just be people.  I call on everybody to reject those that want racial stupidity to continue.

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Seaside High Underground Newspaper

Back in 1975/76, I was on the newspaper staff at Seaside High School, Seaside, California.  I also did a little publishing on my own.

Our school newspaper was called “The Horizon”. I wrote a column called “This Day in Seaside History”.  This allowed me to comb the morgue reading old copy.  In the 60’s, someone got away with publishing the school paper under the banner, “Seaside High Illustrated Times”.  Please take the time to reread that until you get the joke.

We were cleaning out our closet last weekend and came across a relic from my high school days.  Courtesy of the brand new Xerox machine in the library, I published an “underground” newspaper called “Horizontal” in my senior year.

I don’t remember why it’s dated 1977 since I was class of ’76.