Rioting Serves No Purpose

Michigan’s Governor declares a state of emergency as riots over the shooting of poor little Michael Brown continue.

Ferguson Michigan has become the setting for a “real life Battle for the Planet of the Apes” with rioters acting like “Curious George on Red Bull”. But before you call me a racist you should know I’m quoting a surprising source.


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Here’s Morgan Freeman’s take on a solution which I fully agree with.

In the spirit of total disclosure, I went to a Black Ghetto High School with “W CHAMBERLAIN” on my gym shorts.  Go Spartans! At Seaside High School I learned to be color blind like Morgan said.  But I have to watch myself because my definition of nigger is probably not yours.  When I use the word it has NOTHING to do with race but rather stupidity.  Johnathan is eloquent in expressing this concept.

So I reach out to folks who don’t look like me and others who do to stop being so stupid and just be people.  I call on everybody to reject those that want racial stupidity to continue.

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Community Organizer in Chief Silent as Riots Erupt

Is this the Change he was talking about?


Why is the president suddenly silent? Why isn’t he calling for calm and peace?


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Protests are happening in LA. and Oakland and some factions inside the protests are being violent.  But why is the Twitterverse alive with reports of dead white guys?  Why are news reports of riots in Florida coming out when there is no violence in Florida?  Is this maskrovia ?  Disinformation? Propaganda?  It’s almost like someone is making shit  up to have proof that martial law needs to be declared.  Maybe the false reports are out there in hopes that they will spark real violence.

Of course there are people who disagree with the verdict.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  But America isn’t burning from coast to coast.

Ask yourself, “Who profits from civil disobedience?”  Could it be an administration hell bent to bring radical, fascist change to America?

On the other hand, maybe Obama is silent because he doesn’t know what to do next.  Maybe he lacks the Leadership to steer a nation through a difficult time?

We can only hope.