Pastor Jon and the Benghazi Attack

While the Attack in Benghazi was underway, the State Department and White House was already in the spin mode seeking a plausible “cause” of the violence. At first they wanted to pin it on an innocent Oregon Pastor.

Quoting the email revealed during the Benghazi Hearings of 22 October, 2015:

“S [then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] expected to make statements one of which may confirm KIA, notification of next of kin is pending confirmation. DCM The Hague was to call OPS when completed. White House is reaching out to U-Tube to advise ramifications of posting of the Pastor Jon video.”  [emphasis added by ed.]

Classified portions of the email below have been redacted.

Pastor Jon Courson delivered a Bible lesson in 2009 about the Book of Kings titled “God versus Allah”. At about the 14 minute mark, Pastor Jon gives us a history lesson on the origin of Allah and the true meaning of the phrase “There is no God but Allah” and why those who do not accept this as fact are to be, were and  still to this day being killed.
His lesson is moving for Christians, informative for atheists and will probably piss off Muslims.  The video may take a little bit to load.  Give it about 30 seconds and click the video to watch it..

The link to the video is here if you don’t want to wait.

“God Versus Allah”

The Lucky Puppy will archive this video because it has already disappeared from YouTube. Revisit the last line of the email.

Click here to explore the Searchlight Ministry of  Pastor Jon Courson.


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Countdown to Rapture

In the spirit of full disclosure I want to go on record that I’m Christian. I was Baptized Catholic, confirmed as a Lutheran. Was a Mormon for a while and now am reading the Gnostic Gospels. God and the Devil, Good  and Evil are very real in my life. I won’t debate you on it. I’ve seen too much. If you do not have Religion, I’ll pray for you and hope the Spirit moves you but I won’t ram it down your throat either.

That said…..apparently the World is ending Saturday. Damn, I just bought milk that expires on the 25th.  Am I hunkered down doing a count down? No. The Apostles thought that the Rapture would happen in their lifetime. The Gnostic  believe that it happened when Jesus appeared to Thomas.  Do I think it will happen Saturday? No.

The faithful are throwing Rapture parties and giving away their worldly possessions.  Some are responding to the Facebook Event invitation by clicking “Will be attending”.

The Progressives are planning to celebrate Zombie Day. On their Facebooks post Rapture looting parties are being planned.

For me, I’ve always kept it simple. We’re pretty good to go if Soloman’s Temple has been rebuilt. So if the Dome of the Rock has not been destroyed the Rapture ain’t coming. But Barry threw Israel under the bus today, so maybe we should start a prayer circle.




San Francisco to Ban Circumcisions

It’s up for the vote to make circumcision a $1000 fine. Supporters of the ban say male circumcision is a form of genital mutilation that is unnecessary, extremely painful and even dangerous. They say parents should not be able to force the decision on their young child.