Trailer Trash Nachos

So I was watching folks make their spice mixes on the Food Channel. Did I mention my brand new blender? Come see what I made.


Get Your Ingredients Together

  • Chips.  I used Tostitos Original Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips, 18 oz
  • Cheese.  Pick a block of your favorite cheddar.  Mild for me.
  • Velveeta.  About a cup or a 2 by 2 inch block of the stuff. Sorry about the picture. I couldn’t resist.
  • Milk.  About 2 cups.
  • Jalapenos-  1 cup.
  • Salsa- One jar of your favorite.
  • Meat.  Pick your favorite.  I used Farmer John’s Classic Smoked Sausage.
  • Cheetos- Yes, Cheetos.  I used two of the snack bags.  Use 2 handfuls if you have the big bag.

Here We Go

  1. In a medium sauce pan, plunk down that Velveeta to melt on low heat.  Add about 1/4 cup of milk.
  2. While that’s melting get a serving plate out.  I used this fancy-dancy snack tray. Drop a layer of chips down.  Try hard to keep it one chip deep.
  3. Grate some of your cheddar block on the chips.
  4. Stir the Velveeta.  If it’s thick as Hell add another splash of milk.
  5. Once the Velveeta is more or less melted, plunk down your cheddar block that has been cut up into about 1 inch cubes.  I used six cubes. Stir.
  6. While that’s melting, cut up your meats.  You can fry up the sausage in coins or keep them cold.  Whatever meat your using, cut it up into cocktail snack sized pieces.
  7. Check you cheese.  If it’s still hard to stir, add in 1/4 cup of milk.  Keep the milk handy if you need to add a couple of more splashes.
  8. Now grab the Cheetos and pop them in your blender.  Grind up them up until they look like the powder stuff in the Mac and Cheese mix.  You should wind up with about a cup of ground up cheese puffs.
  9. Check to see if you burned the cheese while playing with the blender. Add 1 cup of milk.  When it gets soupy (check to see if it oozes off your whisk or spoon),  dump in the Cheetos.  If it gets too thick  again add a splash of milk.  Stir.  Repeat  until it’s soupy again.
  10. Now pour you cheesy sauce on the chips.  Make sure each chip get some.  Also try to hit that cheddar you grated on in Step 3.
  11. Add more chips.  Then more cheesy sauce.
  12. Garnish the whole shebang with your meats.
This is what mine looked like.
This is what mine looked like.

Other Stuff

I added Summer Sausage to the mix and seasoned the cheese with pepper.  I suggest you get creative with the different flavors of Cheetos.  You can go Full On Trailer Trash by using generic cheese puffs, American sliced cheese and chunk baloney.

Remember the “Cheetos-in-a-Blender” trick to punch up your Mac and Cheese or fondue or any time you’ve got a cheese sauce on the stove.

Bon Aperitif


Walt’s Empty the Fridge Brinner Winner

So I needed to clear out the Tupperware in the fridge.  I started dumping stuff in the pan and came up with a great Brinner Entre.

What I Used:

  • Left over white rice (cooked).  About two cups.
  • Bacon- Six half strips I found in a baggie.
  • Two Eggs
  • Chopped bell Peppers from an omelet prep- About 1/4 cup.
  • Three slices of American cheese.

What I Did:

  1. Cut bacon into inch or so pieces. Toss the bacon in and start that cooking.
  2. Once you’ve got a good pool of bacon grease going, crumble in the rice.
  3. Don’t drain shit.  Keep stirring as the rice browns and the bacon cooks up to where you like it.
  4. Whip up two eggs like you’re gonna scramble them.  I throw in some McCormick “Perfect Pinch” Garlic and Herb.
  5. Pour in your eggs and scramble them in until the rice looks yellow.
  6. Stir in the bell peppers.
  7. Lay the cheese down to cover everything as much as possible.
  8. Reduce heat to low and cover.
  9. When the cheese is melted serve.