Fasten your buckles Alice, we are going through the looking glass.

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I worked at PS-66 on a project called Senior Trend.  You might know that as the F-117 stealth fighter.  PS-66 was known as Plant Site 66, a location.  Every now and then we would fly our jets up to PS-4 to check out how stealthy they really were.  This all happened in Area 51.

That is all clever misinformation.  S6 was the program designation for Senior Trend.  The Hopeless Diamond, the Wobbly Goblin and other stealth stuff. S2 was the U-2 and S3 was OXCART.  S1 was the Manhatten Project. Area 51 is not a map designation.  Area 51 comes from the year 1951.  The year that the flying saucers came to Nevada.



This is the Truth
This is the cover story.

Yes, something crashed on the Brazel Ranch. Yes there were bodies. One was alive…sort of. When the interior of the craft was inspected, Cyrillic writing was seen. It was Soviet. Prior to this crash and the other one miles away, the U.S. was continually buzzed by these craft which failed to show up on radar. President Truman formed the Majestic 12 group and put Vannevar Bush (yes, those Bushes) in charge. He placed the S4 project under the Atomic Energy Department where, “It will never come to light”. Shortly afterwards President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 which created the Air Force, the Department of Defense and the CIA. The United States was wide open to Soviet aggression and there wasn’t anything we could do about it.

The Nazis

Term “Flying Saucers” was coined when  Kenneth Arnold saw objects skipping along  “…like a saucer if you skip it across the water.”  But they were not saucer shaped.

They looked like this.

The Ho229 pictured above was designed by the Horton Brothers for the Nazis. As World War Two came to a close Americans and Russians were racing to scarf up the Nazi scientists. We called it Operation PAPERCLIP. America got the rocket engineers (NASA) and the Soviets got the Horton brothers or their plans and a lot more.


That’s my post on the Bell and I got that wrong. The Gloke or Bell was a test bed for an electromagnetic anti-gravity propulsion system based on “Purple Mercury” or what is now known as Element 115. The same stuff Bob Lazar was talking about.


Yes, Bob Lazar and the Boys at Area 51 reverse-engineered the wreckage.

Are you starting to feel it? We have made a lot of progress since 1947. The Belgium Wave was us. The Hudson Valley UFO flap was us. The Phoenix Lights were us. Are you still laughing about President Trump creating the Space Force?

Today, there are some extraterrestrial craft buzzing around the neighborhood. But They didn’t come here. We went out there and met them.

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Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social Network

What Facebook does not tell you – how it edits content and when it doesn’t when it really should. Posted in the interest of preservation of damning information and evidence against Mark Zuckerberg.

The biggest surprise we found was that rather than facebook’s statement that due to the amount of content, content is moderated by bots, it is in fact moderated by flesh and blood monitors working for facebook sub-contractors. When you report a post to facebook it creates a “ticket” which is then reviewed by a moderator.

35 minutes into the “expose” the undercover videos show Facebook dealing with issues of:

  • Child abuse
  • Suicide
  • Self harming
  • Violence

“MAD”; Marked as Disturbing.  If you come across a video that is “covered”, that post has been marked as MAD.  The content is not taken down facebook’s policy is that kind of censorship makes the platform unpopular.

The moderator can mark the content with a “Checkpoint”.  This triggers additional review by experts on staff that determine whether further action on facebook’s part is appropriate.  In a case of child abuse, dated material is marked as no further action.  The same is true for suicide or self harming.  Live content is sent to another level which determines whether or not facebook refers the content to authorities.


At the 36 minute mark hate speech is discussed.  Zuckerberg himself testified that facebook’s hate speech policy is designed to protect groups of people from harm.

This content is allowed because it doesn’t show a negro boy being harmed.

Little white girls are apparently not a “group”. Facebook doesn’t apply the same level of protection to classes of people.

Followers of Islam are protected.  People against Islamic immigrants are not.

Feel to insert your class into the diagram and then what you do in the smaller circle.  For example, If you hate all Islamists that’s protected.  If you hate Islamist Rapists, that’s banned as hate speech.  [40:08] Pages that might have hate speech are “shielded” and sent to the “Shielded Review Group” which determines what is taken down and what isn’t. In the example above, a page against Islamist Immigration is shielded until it posts five or more examples of “hate speech.

Now it gets fun.  If the class of people are Trump Voters (noun) and the smaller group are people who support (verb) Trump.  Supporters of Trump are a hate group. Wow! The vend diagram makes sense now.

Facebook consistently denies that decisions on higher levels of moderation are not profit driven.




This post should have probably been titled “Facebook Bullshit”, but I didn’t want to violate their “Community Standards”.


It got by the NBC censors in 1968, but not the Nazis @ Facebook.
Today I got the 30 day sentence to Facebook Jail. Now I will really see if my plans to depart Facebook are complete.