We offer examples of the source of racism in America. It is our hope that a discussion can be had to clarify misconceptions and lies about racism in our history. That the hatred of a few did not represent the majority of Whites.

From the horse’s mouth Julius Howell says the Civil War was fought by the ranks for States Rights.

In the following video to women are interviewed and present opposing views of the first family of color moving into their neighborhood. Much like the politicians making Slavery a cause in the Civil War. The politicians of the 1950’s passed laws to institutionalize racism while many whites in America did not hold that viewpoint.

Migrant Farm Workers.

What has surprised you? Labor Camps?

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Cesar Chavez

The narrative changes…

After the Civil War, how did we as Americans go from wide-spread racism to everything is racist?

Think About This

I was driving to Aldi’s to get some milk and bread when I saw Frank. I waved him as I passed but he just stared at me. When I got to Aldi’s I grabbed some milk and bread. But then I also got some eggs and sausage and coffee. Now I brought my own bag but I held the milk by its handle. It was a gallon of milk and it was freezing my hand. I got in line but I wasn’t close enough to the counter to put the milk down. I asked the woman in front of me if it would be all right for me to put my milk on the belt. I wasn’t cutting in line or anything. I just had to put the milk down. She said it was all right. Then she moved up and I was able to put all my stuff on the belt. the lady only had a couple of things in her own bag. But then the belt started moving and my stuff went all the way to the cashier. Before the cashier could ring anything up, the lady said, “That’s not my stuff. That’s his.” I waved. the cashier said okay what do you have? The cashier rang up the lady’s stuff. She paid for it and left. They I paid for my stuff and left.

On the way home I was thinking that I should have walked. It’s literally right across the street. But then I remembered how the milk was really cold and how it hurt my hand. Then I saw Frank again. He stared at me and I stopped to stare at him. As we were wordlessly staring I thought of something. Frank stands it that exact spot (more or less) every day. Unless it’s raining and then he stands under a tree.

I got bored of staring at Frank and left him there. In the rear view mirror I could see he was staring at a different car.

When I got and everything put away, I sat down on the porch. I could still see Frank from my porch. I thought, “If anyone reading this assigned a race black or white to anyone in this story. Well. Then they’re racist. Especially Frank, who is a goose.