You send them to school, pay them big bucks and they still act like boys (and girls) on bikes.


In the 313th TFS, pilots gave certain crew chiefs a call sign.  My is “MADDOG”.  An unguided missile that can kill anyone.

As you taxi serenely to the gate or take off, this is what’s happening up there in the cockpit.




You gotta comment after that last one.

Vance AFB UPT Patch Causes a Little Uproar

Undergraduate Pilot Training or UPT is where Air Force pilots earn their wings.  Every class has had a patch that is worn while in training.  Class 14-05 have turned some heads with their choice.

Class patches have run the gambit from the serious to the bawdy. Come on.  They’re pilots for Pete’s sake.

There’s this one from Laughlin AFB, TX


How about this one from Vance AFB?
Some are “Friday Night at the Club” patches. Worn only at the O club when everyone let’s their hair down after a hard week of flying. This is Reese AFB, 93-01.
Cartoons have been on Air Force Patches since World War Two.


So what’s the big deal if 14-05 has My Little Pony has their mascot?  The patch went through the vetting process with other designs.  Everyone thought that “Flying is Like Magic” was hilarious.  Although there have been some back sliders now that the patch has taken some PC heat.  I think they should sport a “Fuck Off” rocker with their Pony Patch.  Do you agree with me or are you with the PC crowd that will crush morale until this is the only “authorized” patch?

There. Are you happy now?