I so I posted  my picture on the Facebook group, Pilots who aren’t offended by everything Group.  In my comment I said, “Roast me”.  This is what happened.




This the picture.

Your shoddy workmanship has killed more pilots than the Third Reich.


That ‘stache says A&P and PEDO all in caps.

1976 called, they want their profile picture back.

Looks like he walked into a prop.

Putting the Pedophilia in A&P

Better not be a metric ball peen.

Dear FAA: This dumb ass that thinks he is an A&P down in hanger 3 in Anchorage AK uses a fuk’n hammer and masking tape trying to fix everything. Though he is special and rode the short bus he should not be allowed to hang around at the airport. He wears that uniform he bought from the thrift store everyday with the wrong name on it calling himself “Walt” just to feel important. Beware, to say anything about his mustache, which always has food hanging from it, it brings out his violent side and he is not aware of his strength like most short bus people. For the sake of general aviation and my aircraft could you please put him BACK in the control tower where he belongs?

My Favorite.

Deliverance was my initial thought, ha!

You look like someone that was just dumped by his sister.

Bangs an engine harder than your Mom last night!

Wow, that’s actually true.